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  1. I agree but the fact there will be no game until next year and there are still tickets being made for their glitches on their 2k forms.
  2. is patch 1.09 being worked on? my universe mode crashed so I'm tempted to get this game. Can I use alt attires in universe mode?
  3. Anyone know how to make Wrestlemania or any ppv a 2 night even in 2k19 universe mode given how we don't have the ability like 2k20 to have more than 7 matches. Therefore I wanted to make Mania and maybe Summerslam a 2 night event. Any ideas?
  4. Hey everyone, I was considering picking up 2k20, my 2k19 universe mode crashed and all my created content got lost and I believe 2k20 is on sale and I don't feel like redoing everything to bring my settings back for 2k19. I mainly play for universe mode and created wrestlers, attires, arenas, and championships. Has the game improved on its playability for these modes?
  5. Booker T announced there will be a Blockbuster trade within the next twenty four hours so maybe Seth gets graded to SD in exchange for Brock or Owens is back on SD and Bray is back on Raw. Only other way they can spin this is have Bray win but his Fiend persona is on Raw and SD is used for his firefly Mr Rogers persona only. Say this because Brock isn't working Survivor Series.
  6. Remember when we all were at one point rooting for Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble lol
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