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  1. Just wanting to request Xavier again whilst I can
  2. Awesome updates. Really happy to add some of them to my roster. Now I think it's just Xavier and I am all set!
  3. Any updates on the horizon? I have five spare spots for my roster and am saving them for some Oz70NYC goodness
  4. Last year you made a CAW that was slightly androgynous... was he called Xavier maybe? I remember liking him a lot - will he be back?
  5. Awesome CAWS as ever. Are we seeing Prentice Jones this year?
  6. I picked up Evans and Primo. Missed Jayson again! lol
  7. Typical for me to miss Evans, Jones and Primo (All three of which I downloaded last year and they kicked ass) I know you rotate your CAWs, so will be on the look out for them in the future
  8. Great work again this year. Look forward to seeing them up on CC
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