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  1. Just wanting to request Xavier again whilst I can
  2. Awesome updates. Really happy to add some of them to my roster. Now I think it's just Xavier and I am all set!
  3. Any updates on the horizon? I have five spare spots for my roster and am saving them for some Oz70NYC goodness
  4. Last year you made a CAW that was slightly androgynous... was he called Xavier maybe? I remember liking him a lot - will he be back?
  5. Awesome CAWS as ever. Are we seeing Prentice Jones this year?
  6. I picked up Evans and Primo. Missed Jayson again! lol
  7. Typical for me to miss Evans, Jones and Primo (All three of which I downloaded last year and they kicked ass) I know you rotate your CAWs, so will be on the look out for them in the future
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