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  1. Thank you! I was pleased, but the real gauge is how the community likes it! Glad it seems to have turned out!
  2. I updated it for the final upload. Still looks a tad darker in the forum post for some reason, but it matches much better in-game. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Thanks for the info! Never uploaded to the forums before. Once I figured out the BBCode, it wasn't accepting it because it was .jpeg extensions and .jpg (ugh). Got it working now. Thanks again!
  4. Hey all, Making my first serious attempts at CAWs this year, which is obviously great timing since this year's version is such a buggy mess! Figured I'd start with something simple without too many logos to avoid crashes. (Special thanks to Defract for his awesome CAW face texture template. I probably couldn't pull this off without it!) (Also special thanks to wiscowilz for the image uploading tips) Killian Dain (Hashtags: Killian Dain, Sanity, EZC79) (Moveset Credit to WO1FBEAST92 with a few tweaks to account for moves removed from 2K19)
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