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    hip hop - jazz and soul funk - rock - reggae- house
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    computer enginer
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    wwe - tna - roh - lucha undergorund - njpw
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    sons of anarchy - a-team - breaking bad - walking dead
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  1. Update Brooklyn The Brawler add to cc https://i.imgur.com/jg6wBDV.jpg (RVD-Christy Hemme-mikey whipwreck-barry horowitz) samistone pack 1 all can be search by the name can be reupload for fix too . https://imgur.com/a/xSbqe
  2. nice basham brothers they fitted will with shaniqua caw on cc . great work thanks .
  3. Will I'm adding christy hemme on cc . it can be reuplaod and fix too search by her name and check on creator : cool_mex_yo
  4. i try some u can reupload it and fix with movesets and look too . 2 attire . upload now [/url]">http://http://s1299.photobucket.com/user/Mo_Sam/media/BeFunky%20Collage_zpsrbcqyixu.jpg.html'>
  5. will I try to make him fast not the best but better than nothing i guess . can be reupload for fix too [/url]">http://
  6. Yoshi Tatsu uplaod in cc now . 2 attire
  7. samistone "chikara pro "roster green ant & fire ant tag fire ant - green ant dasher hatfield - update fix leg - tag (dasher) argus - tag (argus) / shane storm - tag (shane storm) / mr.azerbaijan - tag ( azerb) / you can tag by names or ( chikara then chose most recent )
  8. you welcome got these too The Colony from chikara green ant and fire ant they uplaod now in cc [/url]">http://
  9. Green ant and fire ant uploaded got to take screen shot and upload soon
  10. WCW/ "Blitzkrieg" IS upload in cc now as request "Dasher Hatfield " from chikara upload update [
  11. blitzkrieg uploaded in cc I like the idea of making blitzkrieg from wcw 90's so I make him now in cc . hope look cool cool idea man.
  12. thank you all it's my pleasure and I like all super creater here they make us jump on making caws crazy Yushi Tatsu update change hair and working on first attire [/url]">http:// [
  13. sawyer fulton uplaoded 2 attire new and old look . yushi tatsu in progress can't find good picture for match the face caprute so i try all i can to make em closer . look good with angelo dawkins guys 2 attire Yushi Tatus preview [/url]">http://http://s1299.photobucket.com/user/Mo_Sam/media/WWE%202K16_20151219162642_zpseczlqknx.jpg.html'>
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