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  1. It's shocking at just how many copies they've shifted for their top games. I'm not going to include Wii Sports though. I think it's ridiculous to count games bundled with the console. I still need to watch the Rev3 games review. I heard that Sessler called it something like one of the greatest games he's ever played. Only thing is, I didn't share his opinion on Bioshock Infinite (he loved it, I didn't really fall for it as much) but I do respect his opinions and he usually raises great points.
  2. I'm not bending words. I'm using sales figures and metacritic as references. I only used sales figures for Gran Turismo as the point was about what games sell systems, what games have a big effect on gamers. You yourself discredited metacritic so its up to you what you want to go with, scores or sales. I just used Metacritic as a reference for the other games out there that don't sell loads but are highly rated experiences. There are lots on the ps3 side but not so many on the 360. Halo, Gears, Forza. Sales wise, again, quite a few varied games on ps3, on xbox is mainly just a list of halo and gears games that are big sellers and exclusives. Forxa sells very respectively too. I'm not discrediting it. It's just again, the point was about what games make people buy them. what games are big sellers.
  3. In your opinion Forza is better. Personally I can't stand Gran Turismo. I find the handling really dry... like a block of concrete sliding around on ice. It's just repulsive. But the point raised was the effect it has on gamers. GT just has that 'sells a ton' factor that Forza doesn't have (yet). Like I enjoyed Killzone 3 more than Halo 3 but I recognise that it isn't really a game that sets the world on fire and people are desperate to play. Same sort of thing with Battlefield 3 and COD. I prefer BF3, but the majority prefer COD and go insane over it. I just don't see many xbox exclusive that are system sellers outside of Halo and Gears. And the opinion/excitement on those games seems to be declining with each new release. PS3 seems to have a lot of exclusives that sell a good few million or better. Gran turismo, God of war, Uncharted, Little big planet, Metal Gear 4, Last of us will probably be a big seller
  4. I get that Gears and Halo are big deals in the gaming world and the vast majority of xbox gamers probably adore them and bought the console for those. I don't really think of Left 4 Dead as anything amazing these days. It seemed to have some oomph behind it years ago but that was mainly the pc crowd. Forza doesn't really hold up to Gran Turismo yet.... I think GT5 is like 10 million sold and the last forza was only about half that. Killzone while rated highly isn't that great. It's fun but... it's not for everyone. Heavy Rain is another that's... its unique and worth a play but it's not really a system seller. There are still other games though like God of War Uncharted, yakuza, little big planet, metal gear, mlb the show, journey... last of us and beyond two souls. You look through the metacritic sites and there are loads of highly rated exclusives on ps3 but on 360 not so many other than a lot of halos gears and Forzas.
  5. Wow I don't think I've ever heard anyone make that claim about exclusives.
  6. I didn't expect the reviews to be so positive. I expected it to be nothing more than uncharted but with zombie like enemies. Very tempted to buy this on release now and gives me another thing to look forward to on ps4.
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