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  1. I need the Smackdown 2 and WWF No Mercy Textures for making some CAWS, If someone has those textures please let me know Thanks
  2. Hi, I looking for Carlito Moveset, It would be great if you do it, you are the best for it.
  3. Marce

    WWF Droz by JMarcex

    Hi, I've created WWF Droz with Attire, Face, Tattoo Texture and the Moveset´┐╝ I hope you like it! Tags: Droz WWF, JMarcex, WLF, Smacktalks https://imgur.com/XyrwUiY https://imgur.com/FJk4X7h https://imgur.com/bq1I1QT https://imgur.com/FlEDx6K https://imgur.com/bq1I1QT
  4. Hey can u convert this RVD http://caws.smacktalks.org/wwe13/3019/rob-van-dam but with his money in the bank 2013 attire
  5. Sweet! Have you tested this? Marce I have the Shield already planned. I'm not doing the same CAWs twice. Unless there's a major update needed. But The Shield of SAS Connection have textured face & Roman Reigns have his actual tattoo.
  6. Yeaahhhhh rendered caws Or it could be a DLC slot & no DLC slot
  7. Marce

    Brooklyn Brooklyn JTG

    JTG Textured Comes with 4 attires (Textured) 2012, SVR 11, SVR 10, SVR 09 Righteous Produkshunz moveset Created by Jmarcelole & Apex-gamer4357 Uploaded by Jmarcelole PS3 Tags: Jmarcelole, Marce, JTG, WLF Please can somebody take pics of the caw
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