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  1. tcarson986

    Kendo kashin

    Can anyone do a kendo kashin on either xbox or ps4 please and thanks
  2. Looking for some really good luchadors for PS4
  3. My creations mode is doing the same comes up and kicks me right off the game. Anyone know when this will be fixed?
  4. Not sure who you decide to do next but I'd love to have a good dr wagner, Averno, mephisto, and tiger mask iv
  5. Yea that's Wagner's son I was wanting the father Dr wagner Jr or he now goes by Rey Wagner without his mask
  6. For ps4 anyone make a good dr wagner/Rey wagner
  7. Amazing work any chance on a tiger mask IV, great muta, or cyber kong?
  8. You know when you will upload your sonjay dutt?
  9. Curious as to what happened to your hijo de Dr wagner jr? Was hoping to get that one
  10. Anyone able to do a mickey whiplash for ps4?
  11. I second the attire to match his brother he is pictured in a white one on his Instagram
  12. Any word on your wagner?
  13. Any interest in doing a tiger mask IV?
  14. As always great stuff, can't wait for your wagner to be uploaded. You plan on doing wagner jr/his dad?
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