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  1. Even though that Io Shirai is having logo issues, very great work! My only gripe is that she seems too skinny and her thighs need more increasing. Other than that, great work!
  2. Can you upload Lisa Barnes, Veronica Price, Sylvia, and James Highland? Amazing originals btw.
  3. I'll call it Black Swan anyways since it was his last NJPW match. Anyways, amazing job Gamevolt.
  4. I'm gonna guess Carnage or Anti-Venom lol. Glad to hear that you're planning on a Emma update.
  5. Bro......you are THE MAN. Your Balors just made the game 100x more fun for me. Thank you.
  6. Put the Bullhammer on a Kassius Ohno CAW...money.
  7. Still don't get how Big E didn't make the roster, he made his debut like last year in December. Like wtf?
  8. >gives Reigns his full tattoo >but gives Ambrose gloves instead of wrist tape lel
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