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  1. 22 hours ago, The Nerd said:

    The Miz is top 3 or even number 1 IC Champion of all time. He really did his damn best to make that title in the current era mean something. It’s amazing. 

    Not that I'm disagreeing, Miz is definitely one of the few IC champs that immediately jump to mind, but I'd throw Seth Rollins in to that discussion. I think he did a great job to elevate the title when Brock Lesnar held the Universal (?) championship hostage.

  2. Virtually everyone is from some place else and will be initially recognized as this wrestler from that organisation, but given time and freedom, a new path can be forged for them.

    Having both the AEW and TNT titles held by ex WWE guys is not ideal, but hardly cause for concern. The concern is when more and more talent is acquired, giving less opportunity for the younger roster to both showcase and grow. We could be left with a roster that has a huge experience gap in the future - strong experienced workers and weak indy outlaws.

    AEW need to slow their roll and work on the quality of talent (get the psychology and fundamentals right), booking a weekly show properly (more conservative storytelling style) and building and executing a PPV well (break out the flippy and extreme $#!+ here).

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