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  1. Legit thought this was a troll...then, the shock of reality hit...then, confusion about the in ring aspect...now I'm wondering about the possibilities. Big Paul did get himself in great shape recently, so I'll see what happens with this in ring stuff. Maybe a tag team with Sting to protect both of them? The younger talent not going to pay any attention to any kind of mentoring anyway, so might get their money's worth in the ring.
  2. Alright - now give me Drew McIntyre vs WALTER, title for title at Wrestlemania.
  3. So they've really done away with their promised sports presentation now haven't they? Each to their own of course, but I'll be skipping the barbed wire, electrified mat, toxic waste surrounding the ring, ladder on a pole, blood gushing death and resurrection match.
  4. JLJM

    GamOuZz on 2K19

    Picture perfect!
  5. JLJM

    GamOuZz on 2K19

    Oh, flip yeah! These are amazing. Been watching you create on 2k20 and wishing for your quality on 2k19. If I may request, could you do a current Damian Priest? There are a few good iterations on cc, but they all seem to have the Woooo! DLC attached to them or are really logo heavy.
  6. What the f'n what? I kept reading this thread hoping that it was some kind of work, but that post from his wife...just gutted. RIP: Jon Huber
  7. Just wondering...do rankings matter anymore? Kingston isn't #1 that I Iast saw, nor are Omega and Page #1 or #2 in order to have a #1 contenders match. Bucks seem to be #1 anyway so why the tournament to get them here? TBH, the card seems pretty meh, but I'll hope to be proven wrong. Cody/Allin looks to be the best of the bunch. Kingston is fire but I don't need another backyard garbage match from Mox when he is so much better. If MJF wins he has to supplant Jericho as leader of the Inner Circle and rebuild his character away from Jericho's midcard comedy schtick.
  8. Nothing in HiaC came close to the physicality of Dragunov v WALTER. UK continues to impress.
  9. I miss the days when Survivor Series was all 5v5 matches and the teams were based on alliance and rivalry..."Teams of five strive to survive"...ah nostalgia.
  10. The brand warfare narrative would mean a bit more if it was WWE (RAW and Smackdown) vs NXT (as though it were stand alone). We've been conditioned that RAW and SD are interchangeable in both roster and content, but NXT is still something of a pseudo indy company.
  11. I skip Miro's stuff now - it's just too disheartening to see. He should have made his impact by arriving and having a hard hitting smash up with Brodie Lee over the TNT title, win or screwjob loss IDC, but not as a bloody second to Kip Sabian . Also..."rankings matter!"...crickets are chirping... AEW has the potential for much better than what we have been seeing of late. Though the women's division needs a lot of work (and a lot less green).
  12. JLJM

    Help with Logo

    I'm not a guru at this but, I would use MS Paint also: 1. Use the eraser to get rid of the text as much as you can without cutting in to the banner. 2. Select a section of the banner (full length if you can) and copy this. 3. Paste it on to the image and try and match it to the banner texture to begin covering up the area where the text was. 4. Repeat step 3. as many times as you need to to get matching coverage. Likely, there are better ways, but this has worked quite well for me in the past.
  13. JLJM

    Universe Help

    Hi there, I have encountered this issue quite a bit and i think it has something to do with the "Primary show". Whatever the cause, I have found the solution is that you go in to the universe superstars menu and remove all show assignments and save for all. Now, go back in and re assign to the shows you want and save. You should see the superstar in all of the shows.
  14. Retribution might have made a bit more sense if it was full of those with halfway/abandoned pushes and failed/botched NXT call ups. Looks to me like those in Retribution have no actual issue with the company; they were doing pretty well in NXT...unless that's the joke - waiting for the punchline of a botched NXT call up (?). Whatever...this is the worst I've seen RAW in a long time, and I've been watching wrestling for almost 30 years.
  15. Virtually everyone is from some place else and will be initially recognized as this wrestler from that organisation, but given time and freedom, a new path can be forged for them. Having both the AEW and TNT titles held by ex WWE guys is not ideal, but hardly cause for concern. The concern is when more and more talent is acquired, giving less opportunity for the younger roster to both showcase and grow. We could be left with a roster that has a huge experience gap in the future - strong experienced workers and weak indy outlaws. AEW need to slow their roll and work on the quality of talent (get the psychology and fundamentals right), booking a weekly show properly (more conservative storytelling style) and building and executing a PPV well (break out the flippy and extreme $#!+ here).
  16. Okay, I don't say much on here and I AM an AEW fan, but I gotta give this brief review coz I'm seeing some major deterioration on Dynamite and I'd like to bash some of my thoughts around with you about this past episode.
  17. I did not know I needed Simon Miller on my NXT:UK brand until now. "Why? , here's why!"
  18. The Society of Sethentology (?)
  19. The "Monday Night Ministry" perhaps?
  20. Looking at this, I seem to hear the theme song from The Adams Family
  21. Now that I look at it, it looks like there are screws for removing the plate. Maybe this is a new world championship...but when you win all of the other belts, it becomes the "grand" championship instead? I really don't know. Could be anything with this company. Ohhhhh, I get it; it's the "Goku" championship - you can reach new levels of power with each match you win
  22. Hold on; the other image does show the title as "Grand" champion - why doea the clean image show it as "World"?? The use of this has been poorly conceived; replacing thw KotM title with this is pointless. The Impact Wrestling Grand Champion should be either a unification of the WHC and the KotM championships, or a higher prize than all the others. I could see Lashley trashing all the other belts, stating that there is only one highest standard in Impact Wrestling and that is the Grand Championship (notice I'm not using "TNA" in this?). Contendership should also have the prerequisite of being a champion in Impact Wrestling previously. That's my alternate idea, anyway.
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