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  1. Checked in with last weeks Dynamite after 4 weeks of skipping and I see nothing has changed. Young Bucks in an overblown and entirely predictable fiasco to open (thank goodness for PAC's legitimacy), Chris Jericho desperately trying to cling to relevancy, Taz & Christian trading their legacy for TK lolz, Darby Allin still trading his potential for indy mudshow hardcore garbage, and Sting still needing to leave well enough alone. Was there anything remotely interesting or new that I missed? I want to like this, but tbh, MLW entertains more nowadays. Maybe it's the shorter format...
  2. JLJM

    GamOuZz on 2K19

    Edge is looking great! Def keen on getting this when it's up. Wondering if you would be doing Kazuchika Okada at some point? I have a pretty good face/body but not the 2021 attire. I've seen good ones on cc but they all have the woooo dlc, which I don't have.
  3. Well, I can safely say that AEW need not do PPVs anymore because aside from one 'match' I was just so bored/put off during most of Revolution. It's clear that they give it all away the best they can on Dynamite. Tag title match was false finish after false finish and lacked any semblance of structure. Battle royal was a battle royal...no real complaints...just dragged until the final four picked it up. Women's title...glad Shida showed a bit of personality - need more of that...otherwise, more of the same false finishes. Big Money Match was a good Dynamite match. The ladder match was boring...the Cody bits were so predictable...at least the right guy one IMO. The new signing was called almost immediately by the IWC, so okay then. I DID enjoy the cinematic match...this was really well done for what it was. Not sure WTH the main event was though...definitely not pro wrestling though...had to turn it off. With the talent they have, I REALLY want AEW to do well and be a true alternative to WWE, but this is just alternative WWE...or worse, WCW 1999 onward... If you like this stuff, yeah go for it, but I'm just about done.
  4. I've never seen the match type and tbh it sounds abysmal, but that said, I really enjoy the likes of the ROH Pure matches more than the hardcore spectacle. I find the well executed technical matches to be far more entertaining than and indy deathmatch type (Jungle Boy vs Dax Harwood was a great AEW match). I suppose it's coz I am an old hand with wrestling and I find it hard to swallow the overly gimmicked, hat on a hat, type matches. Warning; bit of a rant up next I also get very put off by the booking in AEW - a lot of it doesn't make sense. E.g. Inner Circle beats up the Buck's father and Matt & Nick walk down to the ring and monologue before getting in to it...if it's me, I'm blasting through the crowd with a lead pipe and letting my actions speak. Another example is Cody - why TF is he going so long with undercarders? Don't tell me that it's to elevate them, coz it makes Cody look weak. And that's only two examples. OK, rant over. I am an AEW fan and will watch with as much of an open mind as I can. It's on Omega and Mox to show that this match can be entertaining and make sense.
  5. ^ OMG...now I want to skip this more than ever....this screams of a cry for attention. Can Omega and Mox not just put on an entertaining wrestling match?? Oh, right...Omega needs Okada for that.
  6. Oh good...more championships under the WWE flag. Just give them out to the talent like Triple H does with sports teams already
  7. Wait, wait, wait....first we have the Raw woman's champ as co holder of the women's tag titles, now we could have the Smackdown woman's champ? Wait a bit and they'll be having Raw AND Smackdown woman's champs winning the tag belts together...SMH...time to retire some belts methinks.
  8. Legit thought this was a troll...then, the shock of reality hit...then, confusion about the in ring aspect...now I'm wondering about the possibilities. Big Paul did get himself in great shape recently, so I'll see what happens with this in ring stuff. Maybe a tag team with Sting to protect both of them? The younger talent not going to pay any attention to any kind of mentoring anyway, so might get their money's worth in the ring.
  9. Alright - now give me Drew McIntyre vs WALTER, title for title at Wrestlemania.
  10. So they've really done away with their promised sports presentation now haven't they? Each to their own of course, but I'll be skipping the barbed wire, electrified mat, toxic waste surrounding the ring, ladder on a pole, blood gushing death and resurrection match.
  11. JLJM

    GamOuZz on 2K19

    Picture perfect!
  12. JLJM

    GamOuZz on 2K19

    Oh, flip yeah! These are amazing. Been watching you create on 2k20 and wishing for your quality on 2k19. If I may request, could you do a current Damian Priest? There are a few good iterations on cc, but they all seem to have the Woooo! DLC attached to them or are really logo heavy.
  13. What the f'n what? I kept reading this thread hoping that it was some kind of work, but that post from his wife...just gutted. RIP: Jon Huber
  14. Just wondering...do rankings matter anymore? Kingston isn't #1 that I Iast saw, nor are Omega and Page #1 or #2 in order to have a #1 contenders match. Bucks seem to be #1 anyway so why the tournament to get them here? TBH, the card seems pretty meh, but I'll hope to be proven wrong. Cody/Allin looks to be the best of the bunch. Kingston is fire but I don't need another backyard garbage match from Mox when he is so much better. If MJF wins he has to supplant Jericho as leader of the Inner Circle and rebuild his character away from Jericho's midcard comedy schtick.
  15. Nothing in HiaC came close to the physicality of Dragunov v WALTER. UK continues to impress.
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