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  1. So I have unlocked 3 of the historic rivalries, Cena vs Punk, Cena vs Rock and Del Rio vs Rey. When I go to create a rivialry, none of these are highlighted....I can't choose that rivalry.
  2. In Universe Mode, the end of show Raw/Smackdown logo appears on the second to last match instead of the last match. Cutscene where opponent appears on the ramp, no theme music is played. In the WWE.com news section, the intercontinental championship is listed as world heavyweight championship.
  3. Yes Even on a major show? I have Raw and Smackdown set to 5 matches each, I thought only cutscenes occur in rivalry matches? I have a minor show in Main Event which is set to 3 matches. I have seen cutscenes in matches 2 and 3 of this show.
  4. Can someone please explain how this works and how you go about assigning these stories to rivalries. I have unlocked one story but when I click on it, it shows its already been assigned to CM Punk and John Cena who are already in one of the Showcase stories. Or....was this unlocked for me to use in universe mode?
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