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  1. slight disgreement but i think 2K24 has at least closed the gap between the series and 2K19. it's closer to 2K19, does most of what it does right, and new wrinkles in the formula. what i do wish they would bring back from 2K19 in particular: -body damage going past red and the ref actually stopping the action to check on the superstar -reversal limits. that added a whole new level of strategy to the game, where you could either go counter crazy and try to stem the tide of battle, or wait until you absolutely needed it and countered the big move when you have 1 reversal left.
  2. The "Whoop that Trick" chant won't be added under any circumstance. For those who don't know, that is from a very popular rap song from Hustle and Flow. And you can assume that the people who performed that song/wrote that song would want every single dime they're entitled to. 2K isn't going to shell out the big bucks to license that theme, especially for a guy in WWE's developmental territory. (it's actually a bit muddy because a crowd chant involving a popular song hasn't been featured in a video game to my knowledge, so idk how much leeway exists for a topic like that)
  3. it's a wild turn of events. i will say that. not the biggest fan of how crazy it got and obviously i wish there was energy for more of the glaring issues with the game (the image replacement glitch, FIX IT NOW) and not just people having their toys taken away...but it's over now. everyone can calm down, we can gradually go back to normal, etc.
  4. Doubt it. Reeks of 2K attempting damage control. The fact he tagged them was the tell. They're trying to mitigate this situation before the DLC rollout begins late next week. What night happen is multi-faceted. •2K offers him a job as a make good. •2K clarifies the decision for the ban, explains it down to the finest detail, and both sides walk away from it trying to save face (2K moves on, Status says they tried, but couldn't come to terms, etc) •Status is reinstated. Which would create an ironic double standard (he broke the TOS, and got banned for it, yet gets back in and doesn't get banned ever but everyone else who does break the TOS gets banned) Fwiw, after hearing a fair chunk of that interview with FatalSeven, I kinda....lost some respect for Status in a way? I mean, while it sucks you got banned, and they so need to fix all the issues at hand, trying to drag everyone else down with you is just poor form in my eyes. (And don't get me started on Grix)
  5. New direction = "getting McMahon out the company" IDK where Ventura would fit exactly in the game, tbh. He is a legend but his frame of relevance to a lot of people is his days behind the commentary desk and as a guest ref in 1999 and a (pretty contentious) period where he held office also in 1999. As a playable legend might be way way way far back to the point a lot of people will say "huh?" But to that I say, I welcome it. Let's get more legends that haven't been the games, ever, in the game. *cough Jumping Bomb Angels in 2k25 please cough*
  6. also here's something else to consider: i think it's safe to say the war is on guys. choose a side.
  7. ....okay I think you need to calm down a bit. Pointing out the reasons why someone got punished =/= "defending" or "kissing ass". You don't need to insult the guy.
  8. two things can be correct. Status being banned can be seen as a detriment to the game's CAWmunity as a whole. Status being banned can be seen as a consequence for breaking rules repeatedly that he was obviously warned about. it's not like he's innocent. it stinks he's gone but it's like trying to speed through a 35 MPH roadway at 45 MPH, eventually the authorities will catch you and you will have to deal with the consequences.
  9. nope. it's called "profit margins" when companies try to keep theirs consistent so they make more money. how do they do that? via layoffs of workers in order to spend less on employees and make more year over year.
  10. Not all roses with the patch though. Still does the image limit glitch (where the game claims you're out of room to download CC stuff despite not being anywhere near the max limit) so they need to fix that somehow. Now instead of a specific value you need to delete (i.e. 1.67 MB or something) it's just "/n/" which is even more frustrating.
  11. Yeah. 2K does this to keep up with the yearly launch windows, by using the prior year's base for the year afterwards. 2K20 was built off 2K18, 2K19 was 2K17, and so forth. And I've hit my own share of glitches as well. -insufficient free space (when I only have 160 MB out of 900+ used) -images getting replaced/misappropriated on other CAWS/creations (which leads to me having to delete almost everything affected by it time and time again) I think those two problems are related in a way...IIRC, didn't someone say that the file system this year was changed?
  12. Seems like a glitch. Probably goes hand in hand with the image replacement glitch I'm experiencing. One causes the other or something...IIRC, I think someone said they changed the file saving system this year, which would explain the glitch and subsequently make the glitch that much harder to fix.
  13. Only on reddit can you suggest that people tweet at WWEGames to fix their broken game and get down voted and ridiculed for actually wanting to take action about glitches that are ruining the game....
  14. If 2K is so hell bent on celeb involvement in their games, maybe they should take the gameplay engine, talk to some record label that is a cultural beacon to many, and make a crazy off the rails fighting/wrestling game... Did anyone try that before?
  15. I find it kind of weird everyone is this animated over Pat McAfee, a guy who actually has wrestled and has a strong respect for the business overall (he actually bought a ring and installed it, trained with Rip Rodgers, etc) and yet there's crickets over Post Malone, who has NO in ring appearances or involvement in WWE or any organization. Just strikes me as odd.
  16. quite frankly it has been worse. 2K20 having the originals and no new wrestlers at all in that year was the absolute nadir. a bad game, with no hope whatsoever for new content, just made everything even worse.
  17. that was a bit confusing, are you banned or was it just a misunderstanding?
  18. well here's the fun fact: you'll have to play the mode in order to earn the credits to buy those outfits. that's how the MyTeam/UT system works. Your exhibition credits probably don't carry over to MyFaction.
  19. So it begins. We're gonna have that dialog about MTX in gaming with pro wrestling fans, y'all!
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