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  1. I think anyone with a degree of sense understood that when Yukes quit the series, the game was going to change. And essentially start over. When they did start over, I was more concerned the game was going to eject match types and an entire generation of moves, ala the dreaded 2K14-2K15 changeover that set the game back years....and only with 2K18 and 19 did they get anywhere close to that high mark. So when they didn't nuke it entirely I was cool with it. Now, when I played 2k22 extensively I felt mixed. The models are mostly good, some excellent. Arenas are incredible. But losing advanced entrance hurt. Losing fatigued finishers hurt. Losing the classic gameplay hurt. And yet, here i am mildly excited about 23 because at least I know what this will feel like. AEW FF is too young and the models do not impress me, at all. Wrestling Code, we'll be lucky to see it and play it by end of 2024. FWIW, I don't mess with MyFaction (MTX is the devil), but like I said yesterday, if 2K lost the license, this game would be far far worse than it is now. So I'm content with it...provisionally. I still want certain things back. Advanced Entrance I need to see how exactly that works before I get excited. I want better AI that doesn't go for the damn top rope. I want actual true movesets (Righteous stay the hell away from this). And I want a game that isn't crashing.
  2. Uh, gonna play devil's advocate here. A new dev/pub team would have reset the game and all it's features to square one. With a lot of those possibly never returning. And who would WWE realistically license themselves to? EA? Activision? Because those two would have done what 2K did with MyFaction and made it worse. We're talking re-wiring gamecode to better serve the MTX part of the game. Far far worse. Is VC perfect? Hell no. But we need to consider that we're a minority to them. 2K is making games for the majority and that majority liked 2K22.
  3. The champ is here! Play through an interactive sports documentary, narrated by John Cena himself, covering the key moments and toughest opponents of John Cena’s storied 20-year WWE career. And in a franchise-first, take on the role of each marquee opponent - some of WWE’s greatest of all time - as you aim to take down Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. Reminds me of Proving Ground/Beat the Streak from the 2K14/15 days. Not jazzed about the interactive documentary thing....the last one was awful, with how awkward the music was, the clunky game-footage transitions...ugh
  4. Probably can't because of their contracts signed with WWE. It's not a Legends deal, so obviously in terms of likeness rights it's different for trainers and backstage staffers. Just because they are under contract with WWE doesn't mean they are eligible for the game .
  5. It was Batitsa, HHH, and Cena as the final 3. I remember Chavo and Mark Henry and Carlito were the first guys out when Cena arrived.
  6. It's always reliable. You can set your watch to it.
  7. That video glitch about 5 seconds in is...curious.
  8. yeah those leakers are def working overtime. it's almost comical how deep these lies go...like that "leaker" who said Uncle Howdy would be DLC. Or how they said "there would be a teaser on Smackdown last Friday RAW 30 on Monday" and other comical lies and exaggerations. Mike Straw even called them both out on it. EDIT: here's an example of a blatant lie Yeah uh...there was never a tournament option in Universe, ever.
  9. If anything, a lot of these so called leakers with no faces or names just take guesses that can't fail OR say stuff everyone wants to get clicks and likes and follows. It's a simple game, hedge bets and tell a few lies, get like 15% of your guesses right and double down on your Ws. Like this clown saying Uncle Howdy was DLC. Uncle Howdy. Who hasn't even wrestled a match. And appeared on TV in person once. I can't wait to see him depart Twitter once the con gets exposed and he locks his account like that faker KingMoeX did.
  10. There is a workaround. Close the game, Uninstall it (just the game, not the save files), reinstall it and make sure it's updated to the latest version. Heard that works. EDIT: Also worth a try, clear the ps4 cache (assuming you're on PS4) before you try the reinstall trick, saves time over re-download.
  11. AEW:FF should be treated as a early access beta with most of it's bugs squashed. The second game will be when/where that creation suite rounds into shape. And from there, we can fully judge it. But first game is going to have a lot of unrealistic expectations assailed against it, ranging from the pipe dreams to the totally impossible stuff.
  12. I had actually turned Crystal heel in 2K19 and had her and Emma form a tag team. End result: multi-time tag champs, virtually unstoppable UK tag team.
  13. I was JUST about to ask about Heather and then you post that stinger at the end of the description. I am digging the potential evil seduction angle for Ashley....kinda a two-woman powertrip alliance in the works.
  14. ugh. this game had 2 years, and the results feel like they wasted 1 year, 10 months, 6 days, 22 hours, and 40 minutes of it not working on the game. while i will give props to the character models, finally getting the game to a point where even the slightest glare doesn't crash to home, and a (misguided) decision to change some things...this game is a bad sign of what's to come. this combo system is here to stay, myfaction is here to stay, content being shaved off for aforementioned mode is here to stay, and a shift away from "wrestling game" to "twisted simplified mishmash of strikes and grappling with little depth" is here to stay. at least 2K19 isn't victim of these changes. guess i can enjoy that whenever i harken back to when 2K/VC actually tried.
  15. great, so this game will be archived forever with a glitch that cripples universe. and how many years did 2K/VC have again to make this game? 2? get new devs. pls.
  16. My problem with 2K22 is multi-faceted. The system change, while not a good thing at best, it did give me some really interesting setups for moves (3 strikes into a kneebar for example) BUT it made the game more linear and less free-flowing. Create an entrance being sacrificed for stability, further straight lining the game into a more linear, less free flowing experience. MyFaction shaving off content for MTX. Showcase also being linear as hell. See what I'm getting at here? A linear game that flies against what we knew and loved in years prior with seemingly no end in sight for probably the next console gen. It's bad.
  17. ooof that gutted roster for 2K23 will be one for the history books. and we still got probably more releases to come before launch. good chance AEW might have a bigger roster at launch than 2K23 will, lol
  18. not to mention the AI is going for the top rope...3 MOVES INTO THE MATCH 2k22 is both a good game and the worst straight up wrestling game i've played in years. It's not wrestling, it's a sports-entertainment simulation, and it stinks! SAVE_US_Yukes.22
  19. Yup. So in the end, this guy killed the series completely. It's no longer a wrestling game. It's a game for people who hate wrestling but love sports entertainment. In a way, it's the game that perfectly emulates WWE. And now our only hopes are in an AEW game that will be undercooked for the first iteration, and an indie game that feels more like the "send Veer" promos; it's hyped and hyped and doesn't make a dent. Truly dark times ahead.
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