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    Bret hart
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  1. Wwfattitude29

    Goldberg (WIP)

    Just seen the goldberg it is amazing indeed, but curious to see where tom takes his creation. Still looking forward to it
  2. Wwfattitude29

    Goldberg (WIP)

    Tich did a goldberg caw??
  3. I really wish this on ps4, really need a good goldberg kike this Correction, i need a good goldberg like this one
  4. Wwfattitude29

    Goldberg (WIP)

    Hows progress coming along
  5. Agreed, goatee makes huge diffrence
  6. You are bringing out the goods sir, keep the caws coming lol, great work
  7. Wow, this is the scoot steiner i been looking for, awesome work
  8. Wwfattitude29

    Goldberg Uploaded

    Really good caw man, cant wait to download it
  9. Wwfattitude29

    Goldberg Uploaded

    Indeed it is , just deleted my previous one i settled for lol
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