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  1. The king is on fire again. No idea who is next maybe a good stab at Finn Balor with his No Mercy gear?
  2. MVallence90

    Gameplay Thread

    So early thoughts from me, put a fair bit in for 2 days.... Graphics are a strong upgrade, only thing that lets them down are some of the weird facials the superstars pull. But while graphics are on point as well as some aspects of presentation the fact the removed so many wall, mini & floor trons for people that AREADY had these last year (Christian, Edge, DBryan...or just removed everything like Eddie Guerrero) take away from many of the entrances. As soon as I see the crappy Attitude minitron is just takes me right out of it. Now the game feels much harder to me. Reversal timing is way off and all matches divulge into reversal fests as that's all the CPU does. This is on normal mind you. Also the pacing I feel is still too slow as so often you take only a small amount of damage and stay down like you have been hit by an f-5, leading to being stomped out (stomps are still as bad and miss as often as 2k15!) and taking ground grappels. I picked the button mash submission as the other one is horrific but this is system seems to completly forbid you breaking out when orange damage or worse. Also has the pinfall mechanic been tweaked as well? I getting beaten so much earlier than in previous years as I keep missing kickouts. This hurts the matches as everything is about 3 stars as you basically have to race to hit a finisher and escape with the win instead of actually enjoying having a great match. The carry, drag & lift system seems like a cool addtion but I haven't come close to being good at it yet. Also the CPU must be the fastest button mashers of all time as the always escape my carries. In saying before its hard to get a longer match due to hard kickouts, I do like the fact the finishers feel like finishers again. 2k17 became a chore having to hit at least 3 of them to win matches. Still I feel the same issues as 2k15 and beyond...matches all have the same pace and feel very similar. Even as smaller guys you can't build pace as you get knocked down and stay down like you have been shot after every move. I get selling (which by the way the animations are much improved this year) but they need to find a sweet spot that doesn't hinder matches. Now nothing really in terms of glitches for me except Roddy Strong can't hit his sick kick and framerate issues when walking around in MyPlayer (which is pretty basic but like the variety compared to wrestle the same guys forever in MyCareer). Now this is more general impression so more than gameplay but I was wondering if this is just me or is everyone else dealing with bascially no atmosphere in this game. Just DEAD crowds all the time, every year 2k get sound horrifically wrong outside of random chants. Crowd is dead 95% of the time but then I might get a "Daniel Bryan" chant briefly. Seems the most over guy was Tye Dillinger as the crowd was all about chanting 10 10 10. But the rest, just blah and really hurts the feel of the game. Hope we get an early patch to tweak some gameplay and what really should be included are new music/trons for plenty of the roster.
  3. Fantastic work here mate, grabbed DDP this morning. Have you tried multiple attire in one Flair slot since the patch. I always try and get alt attires with 2. Shame the bloody import function is such a fail for alt attires, a good idea really poorly executed
  4. Those Charlotte attires are great...but...I can't find them ANYWHERE
  5. Great update with Nev, any chance of his new heel black/grey gear to make this a 2-slot upload?
  6. Your work is stellar Defract, any plans for some Alternate Attires instead of CAWS?
  7. Thats the story for most of the roster, I'd say Seth Rollins & Cena seem the most up to date. Someone like Cesaro has his Summerslam 2015 gear! 2K should only be allowed to scan attires the year the game actually comes out, 2017!
  8. MVallence90

    DLC Discussion

    Has anyone had the issue of when going to edit the HOF DLC characters in Superstar Edit, none of their gear is there or selectable? All the gear for the other DLC characters have been able to be selected and altered when using any other superstar but none on the new DLC gear is in Superstar Edit for me...
  9. MVallence90

    STG's CAWS!

    These are incredible, just grabbed that Retro Lesnar. Now is there a way for me to add both slots as 2 seperate Alt Attires as I set it on both slots but only slot one is the Alt. Any more plans for new attires for in-game stars?
  10. Really love that Sting Lightning gear but every time I try to download it nothing appears in any of my attire slots, even when i overwrite something. Maybe if its re-uploaded it wouldn't have that issue? Also any chance of re-uploading that Santino, really cool attire Oh yeah and that Goldust is epic, is he finished?
  11. That Joe is fantastic, do you have any plans to do more accurate Alt Attires or do you mostly stick to customs?
  12. Don't know if it goes in here but while the gameplay has certainly grown on me (baring the hell that is escaping submissions) the little changes without actually explaining them in a manual to gameplay controls still leave me unable to do simple things. How on earth do you pull someone off the ground and have them facing backwards to then use back grapples. Last year it was a simple down, down on the analog stick but not the case this year, its BS having to spin them around every single time. Have I just missed something really simple or can you not instantly get people into the back grapple position this year?
  13. MVallence90

    DLC Discussion

    Different issues for different people I guess as some are getting full Universe crashes, some minor glitches like me and some off scot free like yourself. Still should really expect them to have it down pat by now 2 games in and with already released DLC this year but still these bugs remain. CCreations is still a slow mess and the logo uploader is still broken as well
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