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  1. Which moves can’t you find?
  2. Kick reversal under strikes I believe
  3. yeah you need to complete the featured tower to unlock them...
  4. The ones I know; Choke Lariat Slam - Bad Luck Fale Corkscrew Axe Kick 2 - Will Ospreay Corkscrew Shooting Star Press 2 - Will Ospreay Flip and Final Flash - Matt Riddle Hammerlock Sidewalk Slam 1 - Tetsuya Naito Hammerlock Sidewalk Slam 2 - Tetsuya Naito Hammerlock Sidewalk Slam 3 - Tetsuya Naito Power Plex - Power & Glory/ The Revival Ripcord Spanish Fly - Will Ospreay Roundhouse / Scorpion Kick Combo - Dakota Kai Sit-Out Facebuster - Luchasaurus Spinning Back Elbow - Chris Jericho Springboard Rear View - Naomi Suicide Solution - Suicide Triple Moonsault - Super Crazy
  5. Yeah, the requirements for each move are still “unlocks when purchasing 2K Originals: EMPIRE OF TOMORROW” but only a handful of them are unlocked. So we don’t even know which towers we have to play to unlock them.
  6. No, DLC isn’t out yet, but can access the Empire of Tomorrow rewards page on the 2K Originals menu. Interestingly it looks like all moves unlock upon download, no towers required.
  7. List of new moves in the DLC; New Moves on Empire of Tomorrow DLC * Assisted Top Rope Senton * Avalanche Powerbomb 2 * Blitzkrieg Tornado Kick * Bridging Fallaway Slam * Choke Lariat Slam * Chokeslam Takedown * Corkscrew Axe Kick 2 * Corkscrew Shooting Star Press 2 * Double Palm Strike 2 * Double Stomp Armbreaker * Dragon Sleeper Hold * Flip and Final Flash * Half-Nelson Chickenwing Facebuster * Hammerlock Sidewalk Slam 1 * Hammerlock Sidewalk Slam 2 * Hammerlock Sidewalk Slam 3 * Inverted Scoop Slam * Kneeling Cloverleaf * Lifting Double Underhook Facebuster * Power Plex * Powerslam / Elbow Drop Combo * Rear Headbutt 2 * Regal-Plex 3 * Release German Suplex 2 * Release German Suplex 3 * Ripcord Russian Legsweep * Ripcord Spanish Fly * Rolling Cutter 4 * Rolling Cutter 5 * Rope Assisted Double Stomp * Roundhouse / Scorpion Kick Combo * Single Arm Back Body Drop 3 * Sit-Out Alabama Slam * Sit-Out Facebuster * Spinning Back Elbow * Spinning Chokeslam * Spinning Fisherman Driver * Split-Legged Moonsault 3 * Springboard DDT * Springboard Rear View * Suicide Solution * Triple Moonsault * Wheelbarrow DDT
  8. Depends what you mean by proper. Its still setup unnaturally (ironically enough) with a chop to the chest. Appreciate its a difficult move to capture but I think they should have made it a corner downed move
  9. Knee lift/poison rana is my new favourite move
  10. You cant edit these arenas or use them as a base in create an arena
  11. Its not a mistake, the character is called Bay Lee Billionaire
  12. Crossing my fingers that Glam Rocker Gargano comes with a head scissors into Gargano Escape move
  13. The disclaimer for the DLC is that it will be all available by October 2020. Damn, its not usually that big a window is it?
  14. Dropkick 20 and Stun Gun/ Neckbreaker
  15. Yes you have to beat the towers
  16. Two new Roman moves for beating the hounds of winter justice
  17. Ahhh the vaulting headscissors takedown from the apron is a kacy cantazaro move!
  18. I absolutely love the Broton. Such a unique move from that position
  19. Really hoping for some more Zack Gibson moves in the next pack, Shankley Gates and maybe some GYV moves.
  20. I think the spinning uranage was done for Robert Roode who started doing it earlier this year. Kenny Omega would also do it specifically against Okada as a Rainmaker counter
  21. Timschel said the double underhook brain buster was done for davey richards but yeah goes great for mox
  22. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tbho-7aeJ_A&feature=youtu.be
  23. Theres also Powerbomb/Final Flash Combo (Matt Riddle). Irelands Call (Jordan Devlin) and Tombstone Lungblower (Zack Gibson)
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