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  1. My Fiend Moveset is on Cole Quinn and doesnt reset
  2. The Fiend's moveset resetting to default whenever you start the game again is very annoying, but I worked around it by copying all his moveset to Cole Quinn (Who I'll never use) and just copy it straight back over when rebooting the game. Far from ideal but better than keeping the default moveset or redoing it everytime.
  3. Are you clicking SAVE ALL CHANGES? Honestly it works
  4. If you edit them through the roster menu, finish your moveset edit and then change something else on the roster menu (DONT EDIT HIT POINT RATIO WILL PERMANENTLY GLITCH THE WRESTLER) like maybe move an attribute up 1 and hit save it'll give you the option to save it to your Universe Mode saves as well.
  5. Almost everyone is like this. Add the announce table finisher to a guy who doesnt have it and theyll almost always have their finisher or an appropriate move assigned when you do.
  6. Dont mess with hit point ratio. Doing so will irreversibly break whatever wrestler you did it on meaning theyll start every match in red damage. The only solution is to delete your save and start again. This was a glitch in 2K19 that was eventually patched...
  7. I have a glitch where Becky Lynch, and seemingly only Becky Lynch, will start off every match, with only about half of red damage left. I cant work out whats causing this or how to fix it. I edited her moveset but I know Ive played matches with her since when this didnt happen. Ive reverted everything back to default and it didnt fix it. I took the Raw title off her and it didnt work. Doesnt matter which attire I pick. Really annoying
  8. Downloaded CAWs show up in already made Universe Mode saves as Superstar with no movesets, entrances and the lowest attributes. They have their appearance but everything else is removed. If you go into their movesets every move is set to none.
  9. CAWs show up in Universe Mode with no movesets, no attributes, no abilities, etc. They have to be redone completely in Universe Mode.
  10. You cant save movesets across multiple modes anymore. If you edit a moveset in Universe mode it only saves to Universe mode, if you edit a moveset through the creations menu it only saves to play mode. Means you have to edit each moveset twice if you want accurate sets across both modes.
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