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  1. https://www.sportsgamersonline.com/games/wrestling/confirmed-wwe-2k22-removes-nash-carter-from-upcoming-dlc/ Confirms Nash Carter has been removed, with MyFaction cards for Booker T and Seth Rollins being the replacement...
  2. There’s a tag entrance for Indi and Candice
  3. A new Double Arm DDT was my hope when Cactus was confirmed as DLC so very happy we got that, looks great for Moxley. Appears Indi doesn’t have any new moves…
  4. This is why they’re also stopping mods now, so people can’t upload the new and old attires/models they’re going to add in future updates to MyFaction.
  5. Yeah, I understand that, but since I don't recall Umaga ever doing a Samoan Drop from the top rope I assumed you meant his pop up Samoan Drop, which is certainly a "super" version of the regular move. Plus it wasn't shown off in any of the DLC new moves videos because it isn't down as new or downloaded for some reason.
  6. Uh, did Umaga ever do a Samoan Drop from the top rope?
  7. Could be a wrestler in a future pack, the Vader 2 taunt has seemingly come with this pack for example.
  8. Is Samoan Drop 9 new? It’s not listed as new or downloaded but don’t think I’ve seent that version with a pin combo before. Umaga had unique punch selling and it looks amazing.
  9. Nah, modes would be added in the THQ days and then be untouched for years and then eventually removed for no reason, it’s always been the way.
  10. I've been meaning to ask about that move. It was down as a downloadable move but it didn't appear to be assigned to anyone counted as downloadable, the nWo wrestlers, etc. Perhaps this means it was there accidentally and will be coming later.
  11. Am I right in saying Kacy hasn’t worn that attire in years? I find her inclusion as a singles wrestler, with that attire, very bizarre. Wasn’t some of her moves added in 2K20 DLC? Could it be this model was intended for that games DLC before they nixed it for the 2K Originals.
  12. It seems like they've made the ingame renders smaller so all my custom ones are now huge.
  13. Two small things that have yet to be fixed with this patch. 1. Farooq‘s titantron isn’t selectable when making a team, meaning you can’t have the APA titantron when making them 2. the grounded Rear Naked Choke, Rear Naked Choke 2, can’t be used as a finisher, the prompt won’t show up when in position.
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