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  1. Haven't kept up with this thread sorry but it seems like changes to the balancing don't carry over to Universe Mode? Has anyone managed to get the changes to take effect in Universe?
  2. So I like many in here I love how stamina no affects a lot of moves that have you landing on your back, it looks fantastic and really adds to matches. I've been tinkering with the stamina sliders too to try and slightly increase how often you see these moves but there is an issue with at least some legacy stamina moves, in this case the Pedigree. I use Rollins and Rhodes quite a bit and both have the Pedigree as a sig and I'd noticed after tinkering with the stamina sliders I was finding it impossible to hit the non-tired version of these moves. Don't get me wrong, I like the tired versions, but I didn't want Rhodes/Rollins collapsing everytime they hit them, sometimes I want the pin combo or to set up a finisher right away. So I tried upping the stamina sliders to max and play around with them. Now naturally I was hitting the regular version each time, no problem, so I did a lot of running around to drain my stamina and then hit a tired version. Great, but it took a lot of running around to get there because both my stamina cost and stamina recovery were at 100. So then I let my stamina refill, stood around for a long time doing nothing and then hit the pedigree again and... it was the tired version, despite having full stamina. It seems tired moves are not triggered by your current stamina, but rather you hitting some stamina drain threshold during the match and from then on the tired moves will be hit no matter what. So for me personally I think @SaturnT3 is right in pumping the stamina up to get the game to feel more natural. The only issue I think is with these moves, in long matches it's going to be impossible for Triple H to hit the Pedigree (and perhaps Sweet Chin Music/Tombstone/Other legacy tired moves) normally, which isn't ideal.
  3. TBH this is a bit of a letdown for me. By August last year I was pretty much done with 2K23. I downloaded the last DLC pack but I didn't have a match with any of them apart from Wade and even then it was only once I think. I can't imagine I'll still be playing 2K24 by September and especially November but we'll see, the DLC packs for September/November are more interesting to be fair.
  4. Decent packs but having to wait until September and November is crazy
  5. I don’t envision them dropping last gen, no one else is really, there’s still a massive market there and once the next gen is released it’ll be this gen “holding them back”.
  6. Nice, that basically confirms the rest of Gallus and Briggs & Jensen you would imagine.
  7. I think it just means they’re rating midcarders generally lower so there’s a greater disparity between the highest and lowest rated wrestlers
  8. Do any of you guys play these games on PC? This year is the first year I have a PC that is capable of running them and I’m leaning towards PC because of the mods but I’ve seen people say the PC versions have worse lighting and reflections and even worse they’re very poorly optimised and run much better on consoles? Anyone with any experience of this care to chime in?
  9. https://dropthespotlight.com/relive-wrestlemanias-greatest-moments-in-the-wwe-2k24-2k-showcase-of-the-immortals-trailer/ This article confirms 16 of the matches, including Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Flair and Randy Orton Vs Seth Rollins. Also confirms George Steele It’s missing Hogan/Macho and Hogan/Warrior which we know are in so we now know 18 of the 21 matches.
  10. It's crazy we're this far into the 2K series and we're only now going to get Austin's jean shorts. I'm happy anyway.
  11. CM Punk might not be DLC, it’s entirely possible. All I’m saying is if they want him to be in the DLC he can be, they’ve made exceptions before, they have eight months from his re-debut to the final DLC month. They absolutely can get him in, and he would be by far and away the biggest DLC draw they could have. This isn’t Emma, or Tegan Nox or any of the other no names that missed out on 2K23 DLC. This is one of the biggest stars of all time. Maybe they see as being more valuable for 2K25, it’s possible. The point is it’s a choice, their arms aren’t tied.
  12. Nope not just the mandible claws, which were mocapped for him but he had been doing for months at that point, but he also had his choking headbutt, Fiendish Uranage, the head wrenches and the rebound headbutt which were all moves from the Summerslam match. And no, with the possible exception of the uranage, these weren’t moves he was doing pre-Fiend.
  13. They had mocapped moves he debuted in the Summerslam match. 2K20 wasn't bad because they put extra effort in to get the Fiend in. The point is they can do it if they want to and considering he would easily be the biggest reason to get the DLC they would be stupid not to.
  14. They mocapped the Fiend's Summerslam entrance and moves in less than four months, they can mocap a CM Punk entrance now which is all they need since all his moves are in the game.
  15. Is it very different considering they do more DLC packs that release over a longer period of time now? There’s no reason to believe, other than cynicism, they can’t get Punk in as DLC. The point is it’s completely up to them, their hands aren’t tied, there’s more than enough time to do it. If they don’t it’ll be a joke considering how big of a star he is.
  16. Bobby Lashley re-debuted for WWE in April 2018 and was in WWE 2K19 in the November 2018’s DLC pack a month after the game released, which is 32 weeks after Bobby came back. If we apply the same time frame for CM Punk’s Survivor Series return that would take us to the first week of July, which if the DLC release schedule is similar to last years that will be around the time the fourth of five DLC packs will be releasing. So yeah, they could absolutely get him in as DLC.
  17. Dominik has the North American title, probably means Dragon Lee is DLC.
  18. They still could be in. I find that they’ll add a move because of someone, say in this case Triple H because he did them at Wrestlemania 25, but they’ll only give them to him because they were added for him, if that makes sense, and they won’t become “generic moves” until 2K25 and they’ll get shared out.
  19. Disappointing trailer, barely anyone new in it though suppose it basically confirms Paul Orndorff and maybe even Bob Orton Jr The Undertaker seemingly not having a unique casket match winning animation seems an annoying oversight.
  20. I’m not happy about it but if I can use the attires in other modes I know I’m going to pay for the ones that I want. I know in 2K23 I would have paid for Asuka’s updated attire and Stone Cold in jean shorts if I could use them in any mode for example.
  21. Interesting thing in this match is the refs can be knocked down from being too close to moves now, so we'll get more varied ref bumps without having to manually target the ref. Annoyingly, at least for me, AI Sami Zayn goes for the springboard tornado DDT four times in this short match. It's so lame. One workaround I'm considering for people like Sami that might hit ONE springboard move like this in any given match is making it one of his signatures, since the slots are expanded and it should cutdown the amount of times I see the AI go for it.
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