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  1. I updated Otis and finished Tucker. Maybe someone can help me with Tuckers Tattoos? Pretty hard to find decent pictures of them. Maybe also someone has a tipp for me regarding Bodymorphing? Although I already chose the fattest body for Otis and tried to make him as wide as possible he still does look pretty normal and too close to Tuckers morphing in my opinion.
  2. Hi there, also this year I will try my best to get good caws out to the people. For the past 3-4 years it was tradition for me to create Alexander Wolfe, the first ever German Wrestler to win a WWE Championship. As he is now featured in the game it doesn´t make a lot of sense to create him again this year (if I have the time maybe some of his earlier attires). But then a few months ago WWE signed the german Wrestler Marcel Barthel, formerly known as Axel Dieter Jr. who was part of the Ringkampf stable at wxw with Big Daddy Walter and Timothy Thatcher. So I will try to create him this year. After I finished my first version of Barthel, I decided to create on of NXTs hottest Tag Teams right now: Heavy Machinery. For now I only finished Dozovic, but even this version isn´t final (Logos on the side are still missing and the name on the front of his entrance gear still has a wrong font.) Marcel Barthel - Preview: Otis Dozovic - Update: Tucker Knight - Preview:
  3. Sorry guys, I had some problems the last few weeks, but Sanity and Peyton Royce are now Uploaded onto the Community Creations
  4. I updated all SAniTy Members. I drew their logos and made some other minor changes. Nikki Cross: I recolored her hair. Now she has actual brown hair. Also I created the Attire she wore last Thursday. I also reworked her nose a bit. Alexander Wolfe. I reworked his mouth, Added the Logo of the Suspenderholer and painted his logo. I also changed the Material of his Jacket now it doesn´t shine that much anymore. Sawyer Fulton I reworked his Skincolor now face and skin are the same. I painted his leg and jacket logo. I added the USA Stripes to his jacket and tired adding the USA flag to his attire. I´m not sure though if I´m going to leave it in. I posted a preview of Peyton Royce in the first post. I´m not happy with front part of her attire. But I couldn´t find a brasserie option that fits her real one with still covering the back for the correct attire. As I got the EY requests I played a bit with him, but couldn´t get anything good done yet. The Hair alone is a Nightmare for me to pick I found some hairs that work but I´m dying this hair It still leaves a brown line on the back of his head that just looks awful. Maybe I´ll achieve next week something with him.
  5. Quick information: I reuploaded Ember now without any download moves for everyone who want´s to try her out
  6. Never really noticed this Will rework Fultons Skin Tone Really? I didn´t know that, sorry. I rushed her and took a moveset from CC as base. I will try to find the moves responsible for this and replace them. But this will have to wait until I´m back from work.
  7. Borusse92


    If you´re on PS4 you should take a look at my topic I created Wolfe, Fulton and Cross for now. There not yet uploaded though as I would like to gather some Feedback on them. http://caws.ws/forum/topic/475340-borusses-performance-center-sanity-wolfe-fulton-cross-preview-101616/
  8. Hello there, I decided to give WWE2K17 a go again. My Alexander Wolfe Caw from 2K16 was much liked(although I didn´t post the 2 last versions here in the forums) Now with sAniTy´s Debut tonight I guess more people will be interested in creating a caw of him. Once I get enough logos from the Sanity Attires I will try to create the whole Stable (Except maybe Eric Young as there are better Caw makers out there who already made him) My first Caw this year though is NXT´s Ember Moon. It´s the first Version and there are a lot of things I want to work on. Ember Moon/UPLOADED sAniTy Alexander Wolfe/UPLOADED Tags: Wolfe, NXT, Sanity Sawyer Fulton/UPLOADED Tags: Fulton, NXT, Sanity Nikki Cross/UPLOADED Tags: Nikki Cross, NXT, Sanity Peyton Royce / Preview
  9. I was busy the past weeks, but now I can present to you my first Preview of Big Daddy Walter Also Alexander Wolfe is Uploaded on CC
  10. Here´s the update of Wolfe. I reworked the face and added the NXT Live Attire of Wolfe. Sadly I can´t stretch the German Flag across the whole Cape. If you go down too far with your logos they just disappear :/
  11. Hello there, I didn´t have much time to finish my Caws last year, but I hope that I´ll be more into it this year. At least the Editor is showing much more possibilitys than last year. I´ve worked on several Caws already like Chad Gable and Taeler Hendrix for example, but I think Wolfe is the only at the moment which is good enough to being put up onto here. I had some real trouble with his faces texture, but I think he looks acceptable now. Alexander Wolfe (NXT) UPLOADED Tags: #Wolfe #NXT #Die_Matte_ist_heilig #Die_Zeit_wird_kommen #Germany Big Daddy Walter
  12. thanks for the idea with the AJ socks Superboi it looks much better now, also it doesn´t contain season pass material that way. Updated version is now uploaded
  13. Charlotte now uploaded I tried to recreate the attire from last weeks nxt from her fight against Sasha. It´s stupid that we only got one Kneepad Option with the divas and this one has socks attached to it. Also I´ve seen that Sasha couldn´t be downloaded that easy because of Paige´s Jacket, I will upload another Version without the Jacket so non-Season Pass Users can download her @wiscowilz Thank you for the kind words , on the MCMG I´m a big fan of them myself, but at the moment I want to concentrate on missing NXT or WWE Superstars @Superboi I would like to, but for some attires it´s really hard to get could pictures that are good enough to serve as a texture. I´ve found some better pictures for sashas Blue/Green attire but still these aren´t enough yet.
  14. Hi, some of you might remember me from the last years on PS3 when I never couldn´t get it done to finish or upload a caw.... But I think this year it´s going to be better I´m still mad about the fact that Diva Caws have been cut from the Next-Gen(Current-Gen) versions of the game. But that still didn´t stop me to create some Divas. The first Diva I made was my personal favourite from NXT "The Boss" Sasha Banks Sadly I could only do her first Boss Attire, for the current Attires I just couldn´t find enough good pictures that would be usefull for editing them in Photoshop and useing them on a caw. Same goes for my second Caw of the Day: Bayley I also could only do her first blue attire, reasons are the same like from Sasha. Both of them are already uploaded, got complete Movesets(from AgeofSandow) and Entrances(although only easy one) You´re always free to request Caws, I´m for sure not only going to do Diva caws but if you want to request a Caw please also post some images of their Attires. The search for good pictures can take hours and thats some time I just don´t have Now I wish you fun playing with Bayley and Sasha:rock: Sasha Banks : UPLOADED Search Tags: Sasha Banks, Borusse92 Bayley: UPLOADED Search Tags: Bayley, Borusse92 Charlotte: UPLOADED Search Tags: Charlotte, Borusse92
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