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  1. Maybe he wants to be where is wife is or maybe they are having problems. I feel like Zelina hasn’t been on tv in awhile. Plus tbh Black was booked much better in WWE than AEW and I’m talking about his main roster run.
  2. Chance/Carter Hayes Breakker Davenport Pretty Deadly order: Briggs/Jensen, Gallus, Creeds
  3. Dakota, Io, and Bayley Judgment Day Rollins Gunther Shayna Re….Mc…*flips coin* Reigns
  4. Best part of Triple H creative is the open world segments. Really makes everything feel like it matters and that anything can happen. That was part of the magic of Black and Gold NXT
  5. Wow a Turner merger strikes the wrestling business again. Hope AEW can get away from Turner tbh
  6. Lars? Jk, I can only imagine Orton’s reaction beat me to it @Fight Me.
  7. Honestly they should get rid of the NXT womens tag titles and just have the 1 set for all 3 brands like originally
  8. I could see that being the case, still think you will see a bunch pop up in the new NXT Europe
  9. Wouldn’t be surprised if a handful get new contracts to either come stateside or be part of the new Europe brand. Prob easier to release and write new contracts then restructure the current ones.
  10. I think they do it because of Turner.
  11. 1. I did not know that 2. I would be ok with that
  12. No way you can have Hit Row without Swerve
  13. Man I hate people/takes like that. It’s like when people don’t want to count the Rock as black.
  14. Perez D’Angelo Mandy Hayes Breakker
  15. I know I’ve read people wishing Keith Lee could come back to WWE but I actually wish more that Swerve could. I want Hit Row back. I thought they were the whole package that got their legs cut out from under them.
  16. Random thought…do we think Wrestlemania will get numbers back?
  17. I could also see them not changing NXT too much at this point since Triple H is going to probably try to make Raw and Smackdown more like the old NXT. You don’t want everything to feel the same. One big change you will see is that the character on NXT will probably stay the same when they do get a call up. There will be a better connection between the two since Triple H actually cares about NXT.
  18. I read that Theory missed the show because his uncle died. Based on Theory’s IG, it seems like his uncle was his biggest wrestling supporter
  19. Logan Paul McAfee Judgment Day Lashley Morgan Belair Usos Reigns
  20. It’s a solid story, it’s just chapter one, you know one will turn on the other. Nothing wrong with the spot Ciampa is in
  21. I’m watching just for the fact that it is the first Raw with Vince not in the company. Historic in its own right.
  22. When those contracts(Cole, Black, etc.) are up and if Trips is able to sign people, at least there is a chance some of those guys would want to come back and work for him.
  23. Yes! I might just start watching while Trips works out the kinks just to support the new regime
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