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  1. Not sure how I feel about the new system. I like playing with more surprise and random things to happen. I can see how this feature will be great for streamers or people who create/share their stories but for someone like me who just plays for fun I don’t need to choose when or what exactly will happen
  2. There’s no way they can make Sami that up to date and then turn around and say they can’t make MyFaction attires part of the whole game. Like MyFaction could be amazing if we can unlock updated attires throughout the year.
  3. That pop for the Jey/Sami hug was great. Made the turn pop even greater. Can’t wait for the reaction when Zayn and Owens finally embrace
  4. Every model should be playable like the old days but it will never happen. I would love to use announcers and security guards.
  5. I think the biggest thing against Saraya is her confidence. I think she has struggled with that her whole career and the injuries and long layoff have exasperated that.
  6. Prediction: The Waller/HBK stuff leads to Gargano defending HBK and getting back Waller for attacking him when he first left.
  7. WWE/AEW have to get Dustin at Mania somehow right? Multiply time people have brought up Cody’s brother. Hell maybe put Goldust into the HOF this year too
  8. I’m surprised Jake Roberts has never been removed. Even with his AEW stint
  9. I really dislike happy smiling Raquel. She is easy money if she went back to her silent badass character she had in NXT
  10. The problem with AEW for me is that it’s mostly just great wrestling. If the Bryan matches were surrounded by more cohesive and better stories then the matches would stand out more to a fan like me. Most of the time I find myself fast forwarding most of the matches on Dynamite because they are predictable and meant to just be a good match. Also my main problem with The Elite right now.
  11. Cody Rhodes about to take over my menu jukebox again 12 years later.
  12. No problem with Cody being announced before hand. Triple H wasn’t a surprise in 02 so it’s not like every injury has to be a surprise entrant.
  13. Oh man, a returning Big E pinning one of the Usos is all time moments right there
  14. I really don’t want his reign to end. I’m curious how long they can take it. Will they start flirting with the WWWF reigns. That would be something in this era.
  15. So more info came out, apparently it was breach of contract but due to an agreement with Mattel where her content was too much. Also saw that WWE warned her and asked her to stop but she didn’t.
  16. It’s not about the actual content as far as I can tell. I think it’s more about the income stream that wasn’t approved by WWE. It’s a breach of contract. I’m sure the content didn’t help but that wasn’t the main reason.
  17. Unfortunate situation but can’t blame WWE. It’s obv more about the 3rd party income stream than the actual leaks. I’m sure she will be back at some point
  18. Just catching up now, did I hear right, was that the Keith Lee version of Mia Yim’s theme they used?
  19. It’s not like Theory was taking over things in NXT, he was a comedy character, albeit a very good one, but Triple H must see some sort of ceiling in Theory but I wouldn’t be surprised if his current run is due to them countering all the Vince stuff and indirectly making it look like Vince took a L picking Theory as the new chosen one I also think the MITB contract should be retired for a bit or at least change it to maybe the winner getting the Main Event of Summerslam like the Rumble is for Mania.
  20. I think he just fits WWE better, kinda like Cody
  21. I still enjoy AEW but I big blow for me was how they handled Cole/Fish/O’Reilly especially Cole. Dude had so much momentum and they cared more about playing to a YouTube show from years ago that not everyone saw. Also hate all the ROH taking up time, there’s a difference between keeping the brand relevant until he revival and just plain overdoing it and it’s currently the latter. TK really should hire one or two people to book and then he is the filter because what he is doing is not working for me and I’m sure I’m not alone.
  22. I mean how would most people react if 3 best friends barge into your locker room. I’m sure the Elite were not going to pick a fight but I bet they were fired up
  23. I’m cool with MJF just being MJF, he doesn’t have to be heel, face, or a tweener. Just let him be the character and the fans will decide when to be on his side and when not to be.
  24. Honestly I just want Punk signed so he can be put back in the games. Other than that I don’t think it would be worth it to have him on screen, even with the new regime. It’s not like Punk was ever a Hunter guy obv.
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