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  1. Unless Orton is a swerve, maybe attacks Jey before the match or walks away from the match. I don’t believe that would happen but getting heel Orton and Punk back on the same show would def give things a jolt
  2. The MITB gimmick is stale to me. Just have the winner get a title match at Summerslam. Then the MITB match/PPV will mean as much as the Rumble
  3. The best part about Gunther is he doesn’t have one finisher. It always feels like a real fight with him where he can end a match with anything.
  4. Didn’t Naomi once drive her knee into someone’s eye socket? Like shit happens, so I think Nia Ajax is great, no but do I see she has a place in the business, most definitely
  5. A match with Roman would be very slow paced and I’m sure Roman would do a good job of covering for Rock if he needed a breather. Just saying would prob be the easiest match for Rock to come back for
  6. WWE has the structure to deal with Punk. It’s a win/win for them. They bring in Punk for a boost to their shows and business and either it works or it doesn’t. If they get disruptive Punk, then they cut their losses but that won’t change the initial boost they get. WWE is all about business, especially with the sale coming up quickly
  7. I feel like Cody left for the same reason Punk gets into arguements
  8. I just feel like getting the mass call up from NXT is such a burden. Someone like Grayson Waller is just starting to gain some traction when a year ago he was easily the MVP of NXT. If Waller got a solo call up he would have been treated like a bigger deal from the start. Like someone said above, someone with legit experience doesn’t need NXT
  9. While I also think Punk was wrong, the main issue is how the talent that have been in AEW since beginning act. I feel like a lot of talent get away with anything because of what others have said in this thread, based on who they are friends with or they feel untouchable because they may be over with the crowd. Punk’s problem is he is the only one trying to get through to people and then he doesn’t handle the situation right. TK does really need to put a line in the sand and start pushing his weight to get some people’s egos back down to earth.
  10. Don’t forget about Eddie Kingston. That original NWA roster was pretty stacked
  11. Cole’s character is just as much of an asshole. The turn really could come from either guy. Maybe AEW should finally pull the trigger on a MJF face run. He kinda has that Kevin Owens it factor where I could see MJF as either a heel or face, doesn’t matter because the people love him regardless.
  12. I need AEW added to Max so it’s easier to fast-forward. The TNT and TBS apps are terrible. But overall I feel it hard to get though a full episode nowadays
  13. That’s how it’s been for me personally, if/when I watch Dynamite I usually don’t make it to the main event before I turn it off.
  14. I can’t stand listening to Kevin Patrick but I don’t know who you use to replace him because Vic Joseph still needs polishing imo
  15. Besides the brawl, he also had an injury that was going to keep him out anyway if I remember right.
  16. maybe each pack next year will have a fictional Hollywood character. Already have rumors of Rocky(also added to a mobile game) and now Robocop
  17. I could see Balor so that Judgment Day rebounds from the Bad Bunny story. Also a possible makeup from Balor becoming the first Universal Champion
  18. Has to be the quickest the brand split rules were thrown out
  19. Only way a second world title works is if they really stick to the brand split. No cross overs or special rules or inter brand matches outside of the rumble. If you have real separate shows then the two world titles works
  20. I think he keeps just the WWE title design. They love that design to give to sports teams and it’s great marketing
  21. This feels like an April Fools day article
  22. It would be but selfishly I just want Punk back
  23. Day 1: Trish/Lita/Becky Rey Rollins Profits Owens/Zayn Rhea Theory Day 2: Brock Ronda/Shayna Edge Asuka Roman Sheamus
  24. I know I’m crazy to hold out hope but it’s pretty convenient that people are talking about the issues between Punk and Moxley and are getting away from the issue with the Elite. Maybe Punk returns to help the Elite against BCC.
  25. Gargano Schism Fyre/Dawn Hayes The Family Dragon Lee Stratton
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