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  1. The problem with WCW wasnt that they took WWE stars, the problem was that they kept those guys at the top for too long and didnt elevate anybody until it was too late. And TNA isnt a good example because they were still overusing guys that shouldnt have been at the top in WCW anymore, again its about keeping guys at the top instead of elevating. Now I have no problem with AEW taking underutilized WWE talent and trying to make them stars. Someone like Heath Slater or even the Revival should be given a chance to succeed on a higher level. I wish Shawn Spears caught on after the Cody feud but I think he is kinda bland. Give all underutilized talent a chance especially if they have new scenery and challengers
  2. As much as fans shit on WWE and Vince, I feel like sometimes we need to trust what they are doing. For example, the Rusev/Lana storyline. Sure it wasnt great but overall it is getting Rusev over. Rusev is getting reactions close to the original Rusev Day push. I feel like we should really give WWE stories the benefit of the doubt until we see what the reactions the wrestlers are getting
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4yhGYQFigG/?igshid=102mgs7e11ho8 Interesting perspective
  4. Thats really what it is. WWE thinks every face champion has to act like Cena. They fail to realize that Cena was just himself turned up. Being corny is not something someone should strive for unless they are naturally like that and can pull it off in an entertaining way. Thats why fans turned on Reigns, regardless of push, and now its happening to Rollins.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/B33tX4_ASA7/?igshid=1jrgblq9j1ncp
  6. I think she did end up going. She was brought back for Raw reunion
  7. I would honestly love to see Mike and Maria end up in NWA with their power of love gimmick. Dont really see him as a fit in AEW
  8. I think this thread is really just for outside the storyline type of stuff. Sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle in the main show thread
  9. I still can't wrap my head around Arn being fired because Alicia was drunk. Im pretty sure Arn let her go out to the ring knowing she was drunk.
  10. Cena is a dude for not letting himself get more hot. Real pro
  11. Ospreay is on his way to become New Japan's (gaijin) Ace Gotcha, yeah Im very limited to my exposure to New Japan until someone is on WWEs radar or is signed.
  12. I dont know much about Ospreay tbh but anybody think he may be WWE bound? Just seems odd for Rollins to be going at him like that
  13. She may have a WWE account and a personal account
  14. I would love to hear Cole and Tazz together again
  15. Taz alluded on his podcast that he may be getting involved with a promotion in the near future. I wonder if its the WWE. I believe this is his first time at a WWE show in a long time.
  16. Taz always makes a good point when talking about AEW on his podcast. He always says he hopes the continue to build on what they started but they havent really done anything yet. Its a start up company that is just getting its feet under them. Yes they established some success but now a lot of the building needs to take place behinds the scenes before they can really take that next step. They arent taking WWE down but its something new in the same business so Im sure WWE has taken notice but so far there isnt much to take notice of yet in the grand scheme of things
  17. I kept telling my fiancé, lets wait until we get more of the facts before we judged. During EC she couldnt stop calling Carmella a slut and Graves an asshole
  18. Ronda looks so much better naturally. I wish she would stop with the crazy makeup and braided hair
  19. If what Del Rio said is true about leaving on good terms, he might have done that for Paige and maybe gave her advice and told her she still has a really bright future in the company
  20. I know people like to shit in TNA but it hasn't been that bad recently and guys like Rhodes, Sandow, and maybe eventually Ryback wouldn't hurt the product
  21. Cody looked like an absolute star against Rady Orton at the start of the Rhodes Family story
  22. Apparently there is a story going around that both Cody and Goldust left the Smackdown tapings early, I wonder if that has anything to do with all of this
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