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  1. The Edge promo kinda proved Punks point about AEW not being in the business to make money. I have no problem with what Edge said but how do you not even mention your next PPV match even once. It’s pro wrestling 101 that every promo should be selling the next match and with AEW still having traditional PPV, when your stars ignore their upcoming match, what makes a fan want to spend money on that match.

  2. 11 hours ago, Senex Beast said:

    Fantastic but now how can Rock turn back face after all this at this point? I mean it would be different if he was a full or at least part timer but I just don't see him switching back like nothing at Wrestlemania like I thought. 

    Will need to do a lot of rebuilding all over again by Summerslam as I assume that's the plan now to do Rock vs Roman

    I see Roman getting to Rock first. Maybe either at Mania or right after. I think Roman will blame Rock for losing the title or get paranoid or figure out that Rock was playing him. Once Roman beats down Rock, all Rock has to do is cut one of his promos against The Bloodline and he will be an instant face again.

  3. If they aren’t going to merge the two then make Universe go back to that original purpose of having random events but still keeping the customization and then just expand GM mode into the ultimate booking mode. I miss the SVR 11 version when anything could happen as a Universe player who doesn’t want to use spreadsheets and write out stories. I kinda just want to play and let the mode take me on a ride

  4. I don’t get the argument about his gear. He isn’t a new character. Just give him one of the many attires he used during his previous run. Very possible they scanned him at Survivor Series or down at the PC on one of his trips. Punk doesn’t need his Rumble gear just like Lesnar was put in 12 with his old gear and new tattoo. Punk for the most part looks exactly the same.

    I think what people are trying to get at with Naomi is that they can just copy and paste her model from her last game. I don’t know how the specifics work but I’m sure they can if they wanted to like how Mia Yim and Candice LeRae were added.


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