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  1. WWE Shop has a good Black Friday sale going on, including $5 shirts. Also saw Hot Topic has all shirts for $10 including the WWE and Bullet Club shirts.
  2. Kevin Ownes Rich Swann Braun Strowman Rollins Cesaro/Sheamus Rusev Sasha (3-2)
  3. AJ Styles Alexa Bliss Wyatt & Orton Nikki Bella Ziggler Baron Corbin
  4. Brock Lesnar Miz Kalisto (Tag) Team Smackdown. Final survivors: American Alpha (Women's) Team Raw. Final: Bayley and Charlotte (Men's) Team Raw. Final: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
  5. Roode Asuka Nakamura TM-61 Revival (Falls: DIY, Revival, Revival)
  6. Adam Cole and Adam Page joined Bullet Club, All Night Express is Making Wrestling Great Again, Corino and Whitmer had a blood bath last night, other than that I can't really think of anything.
  7. Damn, getting ready for the "Thank You Roddy" chants that will be screamed in my ear
  8. I don't remember it ever being announced but I checked there website and apparently Moose and War Machine vs The Young Bucks and Adam Cole is confirmed for BITW
  9. I am getting more hype for BITW after every week. Lethal vs Briscoe II and now Corino vs Whitmer...they are going to destroy each other and I'm gonna be in the 3rd row to see it.
  10. There's currently a sale on wwe shop were some select shirts are only $15, just as a heads up.
  11. Dang kinda upset to see Adam Cole not on the list. Maybe he can find a way to be there anyway
  12. Glad I bought tickets for this. Gonna be fun.
  13. Here's one of my best videos. I haven't posted anything in a while
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