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  1. Can no longer enter a ring with weapon. When you breakout with a title you cant attack anymore
  2. After the patch the ai reserves any pin even on easy O.O!!!
  3. This break my heart knowing there no chance they be in
  4. Wants Fin, Owens, Kenta and Sami on raw and hope it get better
  5. Paige Should Be Diva Champ Until she Retires, and Is Bray trying to bring back taker for other PPV not going to happen
  6. Finn Balor Kevin Owens Kenta Paige Alicia Fox Bayley Becky Lynch Charlotte Dana Brooke Emma Sasha Banks
  7. Like vince would be really mad at Shawn Micheals, Shawn could come out at the wwe hof naked and still be fine xD Wish Shawn come back again he still looks like he can wrestle which is nuts
  8. I Miss Chris Masters Nice start
  9. Brock Lesnar Because He real fight he win every day of the week twice on a Sunday
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