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  1. It actually has a pretty interesting background behind all the deaths.
  2. I finished watching Another last wednesday (I started on tuesday). That being said, it's the first anime I watched due to my girlfriend constantly asking me to watch it. I have no regret and I thank her every damn second. But now I feel an empty feeling inside of me... An empty feeling which I think I'll fill with more anime... It begins.
  3. I hate this Cm Puke 101 or Rybaptist or whatever he's called now, he unleashed the troll account madness on wrestling videos. He's trying too hard and I can't believe people find him funny.
  4. "another set rolling winning by outsiders help and cheating" Here's another one "I with roma resing" (Translated typo)
  5. WWE programming arrived to latinamerica last October, on FOX Sports. And, my God, all the comments of FOX Sports' FB page are cringeworthy. It's the whole party. People who try to look badass saying "YOU KNOW THAT ISN'T REAL THEY DON'T HIT EACH OTHER HAHAHAHAAH" New fans who swallow every sh*t WWE shoves in their throats saying "jhon cena is the best set rolling is an authority pet" Casual retro fans who only keep saying "Where's Rey Mysterio and Batista and Undertaker and HBK and HHH oh man those were the times buah buah" I swear I'm gonna make a thread simulator out of it.
  6. 316 post in this thread, Stive Astine must be proud xD
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