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  1. I legit want Omos to bust out a Spiral Tap one day
  2. I can't remember where I read it, but a while back I thought I read that Cody said he wanted to sign him to AEW.
  3. Was a fan of him in IMPACT, so I'm excited to see how he'll do in NXT. I hope he can keep his DJ gimmick.
  4. I'm still surprised that Rosemary's knockouts championship reign never beat Taryn Terrell's. It ended close to a week before if I remember correctly.
  5. TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT: Possible superstar shakeup spoiler
  6. The news about Nia's injury is terrible and I wish her a speedy recovery. Even though I'm not her biggest fan, I hope she can return to the ring if she wants to. I don't really know what to believe with the Sasha and Bayley situation. They are both really immature if that's true. WWE obviously chose the IIconics to win at Wrestlemania for a reason, and whether Sasha agrees with that or not, she should accept it. It's just strange because I thought I remembered hearing that Sasha said that she would choose the IIconics to be the champions if it wasn't her and Bayley.
  7. That is very immature of Alberto. If all that is true though, Paige seems to have grown from that and is thriving in WWE right now. The funniest part of the post is Alberto tagging himself in the last comment.
  8. Cool for Tessa. I was hoping that she would be in the second Mae Young Classic, but depending on how long-term her deal is maybe she could still be in it.
  9. I'd be down for Kaitlyn to return, hopefully she can get over in "The Women's Revolution" if she does return. The women that I'd like to see return to WWE from that era would be Eve and Gail Kim (if WWE would use her correctly this time).
  10. I got so confused at first because I read Senor Benjamin as Shelton Benjamin
  11. Rosemary, as is, and James Storm would be great additions to NXT. Also, the video library for some of the wrestlers (Styles, Roode, Joe, etc.) would be the biggest acquisition for WWE.
  12. The "Char" cup should say "Flair," but the whole Tea Generation X is just cringey at this point.
  13. Yeah. Who is Mia Yim She wrestled as Jade in TNA and wrestled Charlotte once on NXT
  14. All Asuka has to do is hold the title until Takeover: Brooklyn III to beat Robin's record. She could lose it in Brooklyn and still beat the reign.
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