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  1. Is Nikki Cross also exclusive to MyRise? I've seen videos of her entrance, but she's referred to as "The Superstar," which makes me think that Nikki Cross was just a CAW created using the Nikki ASH model
  2. For real, what was the point of using their resources to make Dijakovic (and other exclusive MyRise characters) a separate character (with trons and everything) if we can't play as him outside of MyRise? I would have just rather had the random characters like Baron Blade again rather than be given the false hope that Dijakovic and others can be playable characters.
  3. I just wanna see Create a Video now. At the bare minimum, I hope that we can make videos for longer, rectangular trons that have been used for the past couple of years. But knowing 2K, it's gonna just be the square trons again and it's gonna just be a square in the middle of the longer trons if we create a custom one
  4. Someone posted this a few pages back, but there's a German streamer named loristhedogo streaming WWE 2K22 on Twitch now. He's going through entrances now, and there are two options when you select a superstar. So, Advanced Create an Entrance could still in. Just wish I knew German so that I could confirm for sure
  5. I had hopes of Zelina, Doudrop, and Eva Marie being included but I can see why Zelina wasn't included. Maybe with the rumor of Doudrop being DLC, possibly her and Eva are being saved for DLC. The most puzzling thing about the roster is the exclusion of Lita and the Bella Twins. I thought that going forward the Women's Legends rosters would have Trish, Lita, the Bellas, Beth and Stephanie as the base and would include other random legends from there
  6. I wanted to ask something that I haven't seen anyone bring up yet, what do you guys think the likelihood of WWE 2K22 being compatible with the Steam Deck is? I'm still iffy on if I'm even getting one or not. But with NBA 2K22 being compatible, I could see WWE 2K22 being compatible as well.
  7. I thought Revelleution said only 21 women were available to play as. Zelina could be base game and just wasn't in the build as she hasn't been officially confirmed yet. I mean Charlotte and Sasha apparently weren't available to play as either.
  8. I can't remember where I read it, but a while back I thought I read that Cody said he wanted to sign him to AEW.
  9. I'm still surprised that Rosemary's knockouts championship reign never beat Taryn Terrell's. It ended close to a week before if I remember correctly.
  10. Cool for Tessa. I was hoping that she would be in the second Mae Young Classic, but depending on how long-term her deal is maybe she could still be in it.
  11. I got so confused at first because I read Senor Benjamin as Shelton Benjamin
  12. Rosemary, as is, and James Storm would be great additions to NXT. Also, the video library for some of the wrestlers (Styles, Roode, Joe, etc.) would be the biggest acquisition for WWE.
  13. Yeah, Reby going off on Twitter isn't helping the situation. But the no-filter rant itself is hilarious.
  14. Last night's episode was good. Liked the Hardy lake segment and the KOs segment the most. Bound For Glory should be interesting. Lashley vs EC3 should be great, as should Decay vs. Broken Hardys II. Random question, but will Maria even be cleared to wrestle at BFG since she still has the cast on her arm? Also, should be interesting to see if Gail gets another KO title run since she's going into the Hall of Fame. I, personally, think that she will.
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