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  1. Yea i dont understand why people dont use textures lol but I have seen some pretty cool ones without them though
  2. I thought that I would go ahead and make a walkthrough on how to do it on Photoshop to help some users out, and also provided template photos(some of them are not mine) that will help the community. I will also provide help to those that need help with their textures as well. Even if you need me to make one for you ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lApv4tDSqc&fmt=18
  3. Ok guys so I can't upload anymore caw slots so I'm thinking about just releasing the textures as is and letting you guys put it in your game. Reason being is because i have no slots, and also Most of you guys probably have updated attires already so all you would have to do is the glitch and put the logo on the wrestler. I think everyone is final I just want credit if you use or upload it since i have been working hard to create my own textures.
  4. Thanks all for the comments I will add the gloves etc uploads should be coming later today
  5. I will do side by sides once all of these are final. Lesnar, rollins, rock will be updated and uploaded on Tues or Weds. Also with this glove glitch I had to take brocks gloves off so he just has the two small finger tapes which I recolored to match his skin. Since Brock sometimes takes off his gloves it works and makes his arms look better. most of these attires will be the default attires since I dont have logos for the newer ones. Owens might be later in the week just because his morphing sucks..especially around the eyes.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! updates will be coming soon. I will have to see about taker. Owens is currently being worked on also.
  7. Thanks for the reply, Bray added first post!
  8. Thanks D, yeah Im working on seth as we speak, im trying to find some good shots of wyatt..pretty tough to find some.He will be my next one after I'm done with Seth. Brock in-game shot
  9. Hey guys wanted to show you guys where I'm at as far as re-texturing goes. They all look great in-game especially Rocky anyways request updated faces, and i will try to get to them. UPDATED these are final..Upload will be sometime this week.
  10. Moose Has been uploaded!
  11. Hopefully tonight, Im going back, and forth on possibly making his Japan attire but probably wont cant seem to find refs , thanks for your intrest glad you guys like it
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