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  1. I wonder why they didn’t give Piper Niven the Cobra Clutch Backbreaker/Clothesline Combo. She has the Clothesline portion of the move as her running strike but the way the move is animated. It looks like it’s missing the first part of the move animation.
  2. Hmm, must be a glitch with the grounded Rowdy Buster. Once you use it, it glitches out the ref and he’ll keep going into a pinning position whether it be for a pin or submission. I tested it twice in a match with the same result.
  3. Anytime you go for a submission hold with Rousey. The ref will go into a pin position. You simply cannot win with any submission hold including her finishers when using Ronda Rousey.
  4. Going through the moves list and there’s a new Swinging Side Slam 3 and a new Cyclone Kick 3. Not sure who they are for but it has no sound or impact.
  5. And a new Wasteland. We’ve had the same one since SVR 2011 lol.
  6. Will he come with a new Pumphandle Slam? I have no plans in using Boogs. But I am curious on what moves he comes with.
  7. The AI also spams the same ground attacks over and over and over again. Like the last match I played to test out my movesets, WALTER spammed the same Tidal Wave grounded Splash 6 times in one match. The gameplay is very repetitive and is way less fun than it was with 2K19.
  8. All this fighting button mashing bullshit needs to go. Build upon 2K19’s gameplay mechanics and you’ll have the best wrestling game to date with 2K23.
  9. Foot Press? There’s only two in the game. Sadly, they removed Big Show’s version a few games back.
  10. From what I’ve seen of the AEW game, it looks like it’ll play like WWE ‘12 which I’m cool with. I liked that style of gameplay.
  11. Yeah I agree, we should of gotten way more moves with The Hurricane. Most of his new moves looks really off. I don’t really feel like I’m playing as The Hurricane as I did when I played Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth.
  12. Just give me back 2K19s gameplay and everything that was removed from previous games back in. 2K22 does not feel like a wrestling game at all.
  13. Why is 2K obsessed with making new moves 5x the speed? It just makes them look terrible and unnatural looking.
  14. The new Vertebreaker animation is alright but I prefer the Kudo Driver. It’s the better animation in my opinion. The new one looks a a bit robotic.
  15. That Eye of The Hurricane animation will fit Finn Balor perfectly. I was planning on redoing his moveset anyways.
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