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  1. Hopefully the Moveset layouts haven’t changed much so that I can convert my Movesets over from 2K22 with ease. I also hope apron ground attacks are added back in. No idea why they were removed in the first place.
  2. Looks like everyone has the same boxing, fighting strikes that looks absolutely awful and doesn’t fit 99% of the roster. I just want naturally looking strikes, not these over the top over-exaggerated strikes.
  3. I just hope the movesets aren’t as terrible as they were in 2K22. If they are, it’s gonna take me about 3 months or so to fix all of the in game movesets.
  4. Try my movesets. I try to get them to play as realistically as possible. Just search WolfpacPrinxe on CC if you are interested.
  5. Yeah, they are both still there. I recently created his moveset a few days ago with those taunts applied.
  6. His taunts are still in the game. Arm Out Stretched is his wake up taunt and Meditation 1 is his as well.
  7. The move still works in matches but the pin combo is removed from it. It may still work in matches but when I tried it out. The pin prompt never came up.
  8. Running Hip Attack 3 (Asuka’s) pin combo has been removed.
  9. Is it just me or does the ref count a lot faster during count outs?
  10. If you notice, every dive and springboard attack in the game share the exact same animation minus a few dives. No idea why 2K decided on that decision.
  11. Posted in the wrong thread but Single Leg Boston Crab 3 has been removed. It was the only grounded Single Leg Crab in the game and now it’s gone.
  12. Single Leg Boston Crab 3 has been removed. It was the only grounded Single Leg Crab in the game and it’s been removed. For *censored*s sake
  13. Jesus, his eyebrows and face looks way off. Looks like 2K gave RVD a facelift or some shit lol.
  14. Yeah, there’s a few chain combos that are broken. Both of Kyle O’Reilly’s are as well as Asuka’s second one. They really need to get rid of all the boxing/fighting strike animations because all of them are over exaggerated and looks absolutely horrible. I have to mostly use HHH, Orton or Undertaker’s strikes when editing movesets because those are the only decent strikes that look more natural and not over the top. But even then, you can’t avoid them because in the combo chains those boxing/fighting strikes are in the presets and can’t be changed.
  15. I wonder why they didn’t give Piper Niven the Cobra Clutch Backbreaker/Clothesline Combo. She has the Clothesline portion of the move as her running strike but the way the move is animated. It looks like it’s missing the first part of the move animation.
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