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  1. Along with the Vast Array of Updated Studio Shots and Cover Pages for each Creation I'm still left with the Question of Christian's Hair Choice. I tried a Poll and I've asked for the community's opnions and help. So one Final Time before the 5 Piece Brood MEGA Pack is Uploaded (also including Edge, Gangrel and the Hardyz) Please weigh in on Which Christian Hair is best suited. Let's just say he's been a pain in my Dairy..."Hair". You see I HATE the lack of length on Hair B, and Hair A may be just a tad too long. Either Way out please give your thoughts on all of these Creations. Side note on Lita; She is the innitial in a TriFecta Pack known as "Third-Party Hardys" also including, and soon to be previewed Terri Runnels and P.S. Michael Hayes (Thank you MrMorbid for giving me the excellent idea)
  2. Authenticity Is Somewhat of a Priority to me. With that Said you've given me quite the idea For a Second "Spin-Off" Pack Named "The Hardy Party" including a Trifecta of Third Members that teamed with Matt and Jeff. Micheal Hayes, Terri Runnels and the Extreme-ette Lita. With that said the "Brood" Pack is Now Complete as Brother Nero has joined the Fray:
  3. Why Thank You MrMorbid (Dig the Name BTW) Number 4 on the list of Brood Dwellers introduces the First of the New Set of Brothers; Matthew:
  4. Update in OP as Edge Joins in to Complete the Original Incarnation of The Brood. The Resurrected New Brood include 2 More Editions to Complete the First RF Downloadable "CAW"ntent Mega Pack
  5. Haha! How PUNny of you. Here's some In Game Screens of Gangrel to follow the Studio Shots posted earlier in the OP. Also not sure which hair to go for on Christian so I'm calling on a little help from the Community. Please Vote for which you like better and as always I look forward to any and all input.
  6. Whipped This one up Last Night and been working on Him the majority of the day. AnyThoughts?
  7. Well...Guess Who's Back. After quite some time away in addition to this spectacular year of returning CAWer's...and quite Frankly because I, along with the rest of the world was NOT a fan of 2K20, I've to decided to REV-ive my CAWing ways. For those of you who may not remember me I used to dabble in the Creating Arts now Archived in the WWE'12 Section... Anyway Enough about Old Times and on to the newest Chapter of my Creations: What I've Deemed as Downladable "CAW"ntent. A New Campaign Releasing Packs of Finished Creations in Bulk, uniquely presented with their own Themes. For those awaiting some new content from your good ol' Rev or if you're viewing my stuff for the first time here my first officially posted "CAW"ntent along with some Updates that were given along the way: Custom Creation: Tazz 2 Attires: -One Night Stand 2005 -One Night Stand 2006 Custom Creation: Edge '99 2 Attires: -Brood 1998 (Magenta/"Guy"liner) -April 1999 (Silver/Glasses) Custom Creation: Gangrel 2 Attires: -Brood 1998 (Black Tights/Studded Boots) -April 1999 (Indigo Tights/Flame Boots) Custom Creation: Christian '99 2 Attires: -April 1999 (White Shirt) -Brood 1998 (Black Shirt) *Please Note Only 1st Attire Shown until Final Hair is Chosen (Photo in Post Below). Please give input as I'm still unsure on which Hair is better. I'm definitely looking forward to your opinions on which you prefer.* Custom Creation: Matt Hardy '99 2 Attires: -RAW 09.06.1999 -RAW 09.20.1999 Custom Creation: Jeff Hardy '99 2 Attires: -RAW 09.06.1999 -RAW 09.20.1999 Custom Creation: Terri Runnels 2 Attires: -SmackDown! 10.21.1999 -SmackDown! 10.28.1999 Alt. Attire: Lita '00 Details: .Hair Color Corrections (Both Attires) .1st Attire Includes Shirt (Entrance Only) 2 Attires: -Fully Loaded 2000 -Armageddon 2000 Always up for any last minute suggestions, feedback and advice. Expect some In-Game Screens to follow the posted Studio Previews.
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