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  1. SEV7N.


    How do I delete my created uniforms in NBA 2K16? Close when answered thanks.
  2. Not really feeling the second hair option. For the face maybe darken his eyebrows a tad.
  3. SEV7N.

    Jeff Hardy (Preview?)

    This looks promising. Maybe add more depth on his chin and tweak the nose abit more from what I've seen on the side shot.
  4. Really enjoy playing this game. A couple of cons though but still good for me.
  5. Hella fun show. Loved the pilot
  6. The only difference I see between Xbox and ps4 is game exclusivity.
  7. Nice. Making CAWs for the past couple of years has been boring. This looks really promising.
  8. Take 2 years off. Make sure he's completely healthy.
  9. Didn't know he was still employed.
  10. Out of curiosity. he just appears outta nowhere.
  11. Harley Quinn DLC is disappointing. Took me 20mins to finish.
  12. Awesome game. Completing it 100% brought a tear to my eye.
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