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  • Birthday 08/11/1990

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    Triple H, Batista, Jeff Hardy
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    all music
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    i like lots
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    Western Part Of The US
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    wrestling of course.my favorite wrestlers are Jeff Hardy,Batista,Goldberg,Kurt Angle,HHH,Bobby Lashley,and Brock Lesnar...tennis..and definitly...music.
  1. stop spamming but you stay on topic vertebreaker is the gringo killer. for daniels finishers use edgecution and the lionsault. okie dokie arkichokie
  2. well i dont have spike tv anymore we just cut half our tv shows off so i only get up to channel 32 cuz the bills got so high. sooo i have never seen him or his finishers.
  3. i need to know some other people's finishers as well Kenny from the spirit squad Johnny from the spirit squad Christopher Daniels "Fallen Angel" Alex Shelley Shannon Moore that would help thank you are you sure? did u try it? not yet
  4. i made a Homicide Caw from TNA and i dont know what his move looks like sooo if anyone knows can you tell me the closest finisher or finishers so i can match them with him?
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