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    Lower Midcard
  • Birthday 04/30/1991

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    Christian ack God Music
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    Wal-Mart Maintenance
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    I am a Christian so I dont cuse or anything that bad because I follow God word and rule. Plus I am NASCAR fan for life and Dale Jr 88.

    Wal-Mart Employee

    Duck Dynasty's
  1. Bud I think he has long way get here.
  2. But it be great tribute to do a ultimate warrior with his current look. Because I think that be cool and I love this current era some what.
  3. Ok I understead that because i think it a great idea so when I have free time I be using these so thanks for doing a hell of job.
  4. So in game will you have wrestlemania 30 plus great job.
  5. Thank you very much and we will not use that report function. So rest way have a nice day.
  6. Really Really Really come on let's move on and deal with it. PS leave me alone and if you hate what I wright ignore it or delete it that a simple way so.
  7. He can make sting after wrestlmania 30 I heard he be on raw so that means this Monday he be there so wait and have patience OK. I don't like to have a TNA sting I want wwe version so get it gotta.
  8. Sweet upload after work thanks bud. Well look and you see my Sig has my name bage of work.
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