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    Cena, Taker, Fiend, HHH, HBK,
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    Disabled by Neurofibromatosis 1
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    Wrestling, Video Games, Zelda, Flash, Arrow, Batman Auburn(WAR EAGLE) Youtube, Cooking, Football, Story Writing and my friends and family

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  1. For Playstation its https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1001-CUSA18097_00-MAFIAONEPREORDER?PlatformPrivacyWs1=exempt&psappver=19.15.0&scope=sceapp&smcid=psapp%3Alink
  2. I tried Target, kept saying error when I clicked confirm order. Waiting on Amazon now Edit* WOOOHOOO Someone found a link that took you to purchase it on Amazon, and no its not a scam, its in my email confirmed. I put it in my cart, then closed the web and loaded it on my Amazon App. It won't charge until it ships! So I have more time to save up!!! This is the very FIRST time I've bought a console at launch brand new. The newest ive ever got was PS4 it was a year after it came out and I spent a months saving up
  3. For Harry Potter When I saw WB Games, I said, oh they are showing Gotham Knights or something thats what went through my head. BUT WHEN I SAW WIZARDING WORLD AND PORTKEY GAMES, oh if I was alone I would have YELLED. I KNEW what that was. I KNEW it was the Harry Potter RPG. Years ago there was a leaked video showcasing the Harry Pottwe RPG. People called it FAKE, People said it was canceled, but not me, I kept hope. Im so excited, AND its for Next and Current Gen And for God of War I didnt really notice the snow, but when I heard that deep voice and they showed the logo plus the music, I flipped. WE ARE GETTING GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK NEXT YEAR! I CAN'T WAIT
  4. Borderlands 3 I need to finish this game, and now the Kreig Fustercluck DLC is out. Fortnite Still grinding Modern Warfare Still grinding
  5. Now I'm just praying for a Sly Cooper remake, give me all 4 games remade like Crash and Spyro, that I would freaking love. It's the only game I want remade, I actually never beat Thiefs in Time. I own the first 3 when they "remastered" them on PS3 years ago. Hell throw in inFAMOUS 1 and 2. inFAMOUS 2 was my first ever Platinum Trophy, and I think it was my first ever Collector's Edition, Coles backpack(with Slys symbol) is hanging in my game room, and the Statue is on my shelf. I love Sucker Punches games Sucker Punch get on it!
  6. I now have to go to Pain Management, my Dr in my town is now leaving and the other Drs here cant write pain medication, so I have to go to Pain Management which is over an hour away. There's one north and one south, both an hour away. If yall don't know I have NF1. Forms tumors ALL over my entire body along nerves. Maybe now I can get a SCS to help with my back, which is the worst of the pain
  7. Multiplayer AND ZOMBIES AT THE END
  8. Not today but Dead by Daylight tomorrow because of the new killer! Among US Mobile Yeah its not as fun as watching others play it because they're able to actually talk to each other instead of typing but still a little fun. Love watching ChilledChaos and his group play it, now NoahJ and his friends are playing it toi
  9. Avengers Fortnite Still grinding my way, almost got Groot Borderlands 3 Finally got the DLC downloaded so I can play it. Gosh its been awhile and I dont really remember diddly-squat about my characters abilities lol itll take a minute to get use to it again. I do HATE that the DLC didn't have new characters, and idk if Kreif is gonna be a playable character or just part of the DLC story
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