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  1. BS and Good, BS first I decided to say it and buy a Switch Lite, went on Walmart and bought it, went to the store, bought Animal Crossing and went to pick up my Switch, they are all out and I was refunded...then went on Best Buy, all out. GameStop, all out. Amazon, over F*ing priced. Now the good, And went to Ebay and found a new one, only 1 left, for a decent price and got 2 year Protection plan. Will take over a week to get it, but hopefully that wont get canceled
  2. Sadly Logan Williams, the boy who played young Barry Allen, has passed away at the very young age of 16 https://nypost.com/2020/04/03/the-flash-actor-logan-williams-dies-suddenly-at-age-16/amp/ R.I.P.
  3. Finally got Deadpool in Fortnite, its a very cool skin. And past 2 games I almost won, trying to get to level 100 And still grinding on Modern Warfare Multiplayer
  4. So apparently someone in my town now has it, and we are most likely going into lockdown soon. Hopefully gives us a day or 2 to get items.
  5. Tuesday is the Wastelanders Update! I'm gonna have to go to my friends to update it, currently we are not in lockdown quarantine
  6. Hey to those who dont own Modern Warfare yet, all weekend 3-6 Multiplayer is free for everyone! Im glad now I can play Multiplayer with my bestfriend, SuperStore here we come to Snipe. Still my favorite map, its the best to level up my Sniper, really trying to get Thermal on it. ALSO! Free Gift from the store today gave me 10 FREE TIERS! I got 2 Blueprints and an Operator. I definitely wont get to level 100 because I'm like around 30
  7. Ok technically not bought yet, but Friday I'll buy Modern Warfare 2 Remastered, and Job Simulator, and maybe Battlewake PSVR. I mainly want Modern Warfare 2 Remastered for the MW Multiplayer Bundle and to replay one of the best Call of Duty Campaigns ever, and most controversial with "No Russian" Edit: Got Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and Job Simulator. And got the free stuff for Modern Warfare
  8. Played Rec Room for a few hours with my friends yesterday. Found some really cool rooms, and I found an AWESOME Majoras Mask Map, it starts like the very beginning of Majoras Mask, like chasing the Skull Kid, getting turned into a Deku Scrub, meeting The Happy Mask Salesman, and going into Clock Town. Which was made SO GOOD. Hell you look up and you see the moon. Honestly, it brought a tear to my eye, no lie. I was able to walk around first person in Clock Town, was disappointed they didnt have the rupee chest hidden where it is in the game. Also found some DBZ maps where we went to the Cell Games Arena, Kame House, Namek which also had costumes we could wear and had a Kamehameha weapon. Later on found out I could but props in my room, so I have a Juggernog Soda Machine, Batman Poster, Deathstroke, Batman, and Reverse Flash Costume
  9. The Escapists 1 and 2 I still love the original Escapists better than the sequel, the PC version is way better than console version but want to play it on PS4 and trophy hunt Doom Have had this for months now so I wanna try it, its alright. And may try some Doom VFR that I got when I bought my PSVR, got Doom VFR for like $3 on sale Modern Warfare Still getting my sniping on lol, I have to get my Sniper to like level 36 to get thermal on it, its 20 now. Mostly want it to use in WarZone, I have blueprints for an LMG, SMG, and Marksman Rifle that has Thermal but I want it on my Sniper. Well the LMG has the heat signature thermal, that I'm using alot now in Multiplayer. I had one of my favorite Superstore Sniping games yesterday, had like 10 sniper kills with only like 2 deaths. Fortnite 1 level away from Meowscles and then I gotta do the Challenges so I can get the Ghost version of him, and also TNTina's challenges too
  10. Still sucking at Battle Royale games been doing Challenges in Fortnite and got the Shadow Brutus skin, cant wait for Deadpool in a few more days. Also been playing Star Wars Battlefront II. I HAD to get the Hello There Emote for Obi-Wan. Played a game yesterday and got a 30 player kill streak just sniping them lol. But I had to quit that match, it lasted over 45 minutes and kept going. Trying to level up and get better. Played Heros vs Villains, I have to play my man Darth Maul, My favorite. But I suck and Heros vs Villains lol
  11. Makes sense with them being Inducted into the HOF
  12. Fortnite Trying to level up the tier towers, DEADPOOL IS NEXT WEEK! I cant wait, the tiers I really want Mitus. I just got that Oro's Challenges for the Axe and weapon skins, just playing with my friends is fun. Last night I had the most fun ever playing it. One friend was drunk AF but it was hilarious. Modern Warfare Playing the heck out of Team Deathmatch, man I'm getting me my own sniper montage lol. Messing people UP with that. One load out I call Dream Team AX-50 with a RPG, with claymores with Shrapnel Perk so I can carry two. I love superstore. I always go to the top floor, put a claymore behind the door and aim out the window. 95% of the time they come upstairs just to get blown up lol
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