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  1. 1. Marriage Story 2. Under the Silver Lake 3. Uncut Gems 4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 5. Knives Out 6. Little Women 7. Us 8. Mister America 9. Dolemite is My Name 10. The Lighthouse
  2. Watched Knives Out and Uncut Gems back to back. Both phenomenal. 2019 was such a great year for movies.
  3. I loved the Witch. Im really glad A24 has been over to crossover into the mainstream as a studio because they consistently produce not only original movies, but typically ones of high quality as well. I think people just like reliability. I think its part of why Marvel does so well. Sure Im not that into them, but I think generally everybody agrees they can go into a Marvel movie knowing it will at least be decent. A24 has that going for it too.
  4. I think studios havent caught onto the fact that remakes dont immediately mean success. For the most part its only comic book movies, Star Wars, Fast and Furious, 007, and Mission Impossible that can endure as these endless franchises for the time being. Nobody cares about this other shit. Nobody was clamoring for more Charlies Angels, or Chips, or some shit. The time to strike for that was almost 20 years ago. Nostalgia functions on a 20 year cycle typically.
  5. The Lighthouse ruled, I liked The Witch better though.
  6. Been having a lot of fun with Deadly Premonition since it got ported to Switch. I think Im roughly halfway through. I figured Id like it since its basically Twin Peaks: The Video Game.
  7. I was under the impression Sony was financing these things and paying for marketing clats, and double checking on the article on Marvels website announcing the deal thats what it says. Superhero movies were not dead until the MCU. Spider-Man 3 made a *censored*ton of money. And the Dark Knight doesnt count because...? You said so? As bad as a lot of them were, very few were bombing financially. And an Oscar for best animated feature is a bit more pretigious than best make-up. Not to to take anything away from people in make-up, its just often isnt something than can save a bad film. Whos to say the MCU would be around if it werent for Raimis Spider-Man films being massive successes after the genre faceplanted in the 90s.
  8. Maybe because the Spider-Man movies made a shitload of money BECAUSE of Disney, and Sony should be happy to partake in those spoils to the degree that they do. It's not like Sony was making Spider-Man "must-see" before Disney came along. They damn sure weren't pulling a billion dollars at the box office. And you're right...Disney is buying up properties at an alarming rate. Which is probably more good reason why Sony should aim to cooperate with them before they just force a hostile takeover (bound to happen). Sonys not even close to being in the same financial situation Fox was in. Sony shouldnt just bend over and let the biggest studio push them around when theyre the ones who actually own the property and who actually put up most of the money to make the movie. Venom made a shit ton with out Disney. Spiderverse won an Oscar without Disney.
  9. Im like seeing the reaction on Twitter and have no idea why Sony is taking the brunt of it. 50% for a property you dont even own is ridiculous for Disney to ask for. Especially when youre consuming all other media properties at an alarming rate as it is.
  10. The biggest irony here is that Spider-Man would be public domain if it werent for Disney *censored*ing with copyright laws.
  11. Just make Spider-Man 4. Or give us a live action Spider-verse type movie with all three Spider-Men directed by Raimi. Would be dimes and you dont need any of the MCU stuff.
  12. Watched Police Story, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Paris Texas, and Good Time over the weekend. Legitimately loved all of then. I dont watch a ton of action movies, but still Police Story has got to be one of the best action movies Ive ever seen. Paris, Texas is obviously a masterpiece.
  13. I really liked Alita, Im looking forward to watching it again. It kinda loses the wheels out from under it regarding pacing on the third act, but every action sequence was so much fun and I really liked the world they created for it. Its probably gonna end up being a cult classic.
  14. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was so sweet. I dont think any movie has made me feel that good all year.
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