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It Was Blue

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  • Birthday 03/15/1989

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    CM Punk
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    Charles Hamilton, Deftones, Lily Allen... too many to really name right now.
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    Cereal Killer
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    CM Punk
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    Pizza and Orange Juice
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    Don't really watch TV anymore.

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    Minneapolis, MN
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    I play a lot of Halo.
  1. Hello everybody. My name is JB and I come from Code-X, a partner, or more like child site of Caws. I've been an active member there off and on since 06, but it's gotten pretty boring now days, so I figured I'd jump ship over here. I still watch wrestling, but I'm not into it as much as I used to be, so probably going to be hanging around general discussion the most. I hope to get to know you all soon enough, cheers.
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