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  1. Just confirming to those affected that I am currently addressing the forum's performance issues as an urgent matter, and have invision support on board as well to assist in identifying the problem. Appreciate your patience, hopefully this will be resolved soon!

  2. Think I do quite well on it but depends who I'm up against ;) sure add me, PSN is MadRice

  3. Thanks for your message :) no problem

  4. Just various changes & enhancements as we continue to review things and act on feedback

  5. Thanks for your comment! :-) Appreciated, glad you like it!

  6. It will be up by next Friday

  7. hello, hes ok lol

  8. Hello,

    Thanks for your message. We no longer have moderators assigned to specific forums, best thing would be to post in the Feedback forum which is inside the Help forum.

  9. Hi you will need to post a report about him on the help board so it can be looked into

  10. Hello, glad you like the site. Please post a report on the Website & Forum Help board detailing what the problem is and someone will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.

  11. When we want moderators we do an application process. Here are the ranks:

    New Talent: 10

    Jobber: 100

    Opener: 200

    Lower Midcard: 500

    Midcard: 1000

    Upper Midcard: 2000

    Main Eventer: 3000

    Legend: 5000

    Hall of Famer: 10000

    Official CAWs.ws Addict: 20000

  12. Hi, we're going to soon :)

  13. Hi :) We have not actually upgraded yet but thanks, if you are having trouble connecting to the site, please check out this new FAQ:


  14. Hi :) Jobber: 100. Opener: 200. Lower Midcard: 500. Midcard: 1000. Upper Midcard: 2000. Main Eventer: 3000. Legend: 5000. Hall of Famer: 10000. Official CAWs.ws Addict: 20000

  15. Hi, nothing would happen, but we ask that you don't as we need them to support the site and keep it free. Thanks.

  16. Hi, that's a good idea but we don't currently have one and I don't expect we will as I'm not sure of the date the site started! It's possible to have one for when the forum started but we don't at the moment

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