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#11158670 Women of WWE 2K20

Posted by Wedge10 on 30 August 2019 - 11:13 AM in WWE2K20



Its crazy to think just five years we only got 13 women. What an improvement.

Was that the year of no CAW women?



No that was 15; and that only had about 8 women on the roster( save for paige and the season pass)



Ah, awful times. It's no wonder Paige still holds the record in my universe for holding the women's title for 1 year and 7 months! There was hardly anyone to bloody take it off her.

#11152304 Official WWE2K20 Screenshot Thread

Posted by Wedge10 on 06 August 2019 - 08:02 PM in WWE2K20

The women's evolution being a showcase is cool but I don't care enough to play through. Same with D-Bry's in 2k19. I played a bit of that but just unlocked everything with Accelerator and went to different modes


Yeah me too. 

I am quite disappointed we got a modern showcase. Would have loved a women's evolution showcase and that could have meant we got extras from all kinds of eras. Men and women...


Like Molly Holly, classic Mickie James, Bull Nakano, Layla El & Michelle McCool, The Hurricane and Mighty Molly attire, Classic Christian with classic Trish Stratus, Test & Albert with debut Trish, Essa Rios with debut Lita. I could go on.


But sadly we'll just get a tonne of new attires for people already in the game.