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  2. well they need that extra money for stuff, like....CGI robot RAW mascots.
  3. they’re turning him into Dolph Ziggler quick. it’s all just shitty timing because even if he did win it at All Out, it would’ve been either out-shadowed that night or very shortly after. if and when Page wins it should be the biggest moment and the most important thing in the company, but that can’t happen with Punk and Bryan on the way. they could have him start from the bottom again but the writers would have to do some insane character work to keep him somewhat hot and i don’t know how much gas is left in the Adam Page story arc.
  4. Honestly, I think that most of these WWE guys just don't have the insight that diehard fans have. This is their job. (And we all know how easy it is to grow complacent and comfortable at a shitty job). It seems strange to think that so many people in the "WWE machine" actually think that this is what they are destined to do...and believe that there are no other options that compare. But, I genuinely do think that many of these people have blinders on and can't see the forest through the trees. The other night, I watched Renee Young talking with Danhausen about the independents and Japan. She still didn't seem like she knew all that much about proper indy companies...but, she seemed legitimately blown away with Japan and how different it was. Honestly, it was very strange to hear someone who has been in WWE to the degree that Renee was literally saying "I get it now". We might all take it for granted that we can observe these companies from the outside. Because it seems like a lot of these talents are missing what is right in front of them. If Owens and Zayn can get out next, I like to think that they will.
  5. The thing I really don't get about the Page situation, is that they did 5-v-5 tag. So...instead of making it an elimination where Page went all the way to the end and then lost, they could have made it for one fall, where one random member of Dark Order was the reason why he didn't get the title shot. It seemed very counterintuitive to build it up so much like this was gonna end with Page's triumphant moment, only to be so completely denied. Now it not only looks like Page himself wasn't good enough...it looks like Page with all the friends in the world wasn't good enough.
  6. Dang, got the Homecoming King and Queen spoiled lol
  7. The AKI engine, the greatest engine of them all.
  8. Today
  9. I haven't had to hear about how KingMo says Jesus Christ himself will be in the game so i'm quite happy in that regard.
  10. I refuse to believe anyone in their right mind can defend this *censored*ing company anymore.
  11. Exactly this. The crowd is hot for him at this very moment pull the trigger now and get the belt on him.
  12. Bushy.

    WWE Drama

    He’s against a COVID shot but will pump his body filled with steroids lol
  13. From what I've read and remember, Vince didn't listen to most of the wrestlers, and when he did, it was usually because he had no choice and had to try something. But otherwise, I'm talking about before being pushed strongly.
  14. I really liked Adam Page and Dark Order's entrance and makes me wonder if there's potential to change up Dark Order to something more like that with Adam Page leading. Then again..I also wonder if there's potential in Bray Wyatt possibly going to AEW and if he leads Dark Order
  15. Never thought I'd be a fan of Reginald/Reggie but I'm liking his new gimmick change and he's acrobatic af! I want to see him vs Ricochet
  16. I think it's because like society changed in a way so did wrestling backstage has changed and the old days you had a fight for your spot like it was in an undertaker document I think it was the last ride he was talking about Kane where guys would have to fight for their spot on the card now it seems like no one wants to fight no one wants to It reminds me of reports I read around when Shelton Benjamin was getting a big push and then it just disappeared where it was reported work they used to give him push after push but every time they gave him a huge push he got complacent and stop trying maybe that's a lot of guys in the backstage too I mean they get pushed but they're like oh I'm being pushed right now I don't need his work as hard anymore
  17. Of course the budget reason could be just an excuse and Nick is just getting rid of guys he doesn't like
  18. if this is true then that'd be ironic as the older gen wrestlers and people in the business, like JR and Paul Heyman, keep saying wrestlers should speak up and go to bat instead of being complacent.
  19. Oh yeah I’m interested in the boxing game as well. Their marketing rollout is a thing of dreams, especially for WWE games fans. They get it.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I obviously meant the possible reasoning behind him arguing over creative decisions towards his character.
  22. i got Ghost but never really started it. I picked it up cheap around christmas because they were doing some multiplayer thing that u could earn skins for playing. So i played the multiplayer but didn't get around to single player. And now they've announced the directors cut and expansion. So i'll probably still wait. Other than WWE 2k22 theres not much else on the landscape for me. Im not a Halo or COD guy. I didn't like the last couple of Battlefield games. The only thing i might buy is Metroid Dread. And im gonna try The Ascent soon. And maybe i'll play Forza 5 and back 4 blood on GamePass. I'm interested in this Esport Boxing Game. but idk when it comes out
  23. can you make a green arrow caw
  24. I feel you about wrestling game purgatory. I’ve got nothing to play. I wanna try Ghost of Tsushima because I hear so much about it, but I can’t exactly afford it at this time. I’m saving for 2K22. It’s the only game I’ve got on my mind and it’s becoming irritating how silent they are about it. I have to think they sense that irritation from people and news is on the way!
  25. im just ready for a new wrestling game. Cuz im stuck in wrestling game purgatory. I moved on from 2k19 because i lost all my save data. But i never fully invested in 2k20 because the bugginess and crashing annoy me. Fire Pro's gameplay doesn't do it for me anymore. I still break out No Mercy every once in awhile. Still great. but it needs about 2 decades worth of new moves.
  26. I usually don't care about marketing because I get any wrestling game no matter what and I'll be getting this game free (saving up on Microsoft Rewards) but even I'm starting to get anxious already and especially with the game sponsoring Raw and Smackdown without even a cover art
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