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  2. Its a god damn shame, i heard she even liked a few tweets etc that supported the capitol terrorist attack. Always sad to see people who seem cool, turn out pretty bad(Looking at Chris Jericho) Its a world off wannabe alphas, that often goes hand in hand sadly. Back in the day i would have campaigned for her to be Wonder Woman in the DCCU. She was my perfect wonder woman, cute, sexy, muscles...thankfully i jumped off that train soon enough. Well, they are terrorists afterall...shouldnt negotiate with terrorists at all. I dont think trump will pardon anybody of them, could be to *Censored* with the people one last time...but i doubt it to be honest. Can see him thinking they failed him by not causing more trouble.
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  4. American Gods - A Winter's Tale
  5. Only watched about an hour, I'll finish tomorrow. But I love how D'Lo kinda sounds like Vampiro so with Striker this is the perfect commentary team lol
  6. Buc's have had crowds of at least 15k at games this year.
  7. I wonder how much of the Raymond James Stadium they're gonna fill with Thunderdome screens lol
  8. I'm glad it looks like we're gonna get a proper pirate-Mania. Well, maybe not "proper" if there's no fans, but with a stage and all that.
  9. Probably so they can still keep the roster smaller for each day but wouldn’t surprise me if the 2 night thing becomes the norm
  10. They should hold off on sentencing until after the inauguration. Also, it sounds like people are saying that they were just following orders...which could maybe hold up in court to charge people like Trump and the Republicans who told people to "fight like hell"? I don't know...but, that's definitely worth looking into, isn't it? I'd be willing to see reduced sentences for the people who stormed the capitol if it means pointing the finger at those who incited them instead.
  11. Wonder how "pro-lifers" feel about Trump Administration trying to execute as many people as possible.
  12. Broooooo susan is recording the brawl and asking for a manger.
  13. If i never saw another Eddie Edwards and Sami match i would be pretty *censored*ing happy .
  14. Basically they aren't ready to show the gameplay or anything so they figured for SOME news they'd announce the roster as they sign them. DLC I would assume is probably who they think they can get the most money off of? Not sure.
  15. People arrested from the 6th are facing up to 20 years in jail and are begging Trump for pardons.
  16. Maybe no one is sure what will happen next year yet. Besides a few of the last Wrestlemanias have felt like they were 2 days long, so it makes sense i guess.
  17. Interesting that this year will be 2 nights but the following aren't.
  18. WrestleMania 37 - Tampa, Florida WrestleMania 38 - Arlington, Texas WrestleMania 39 - Los Angeles, California
  19. Eh. I don’t like the shallow depth-of-field and the motion is weird.
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