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  2. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I will honestly say that i didnt see that coming with Flair. I mean 90s flair sure, but 2021 Flair seems on the surface less like a guy who would shake hands with Trump...but i guess he fooled me there. There are two ways you can go when shit hits the fan...try to be better...or go full dirtbag like Flair does seem to do now. Anyway...man, sucks for Rhea. Hope they find her stuff again.
  3. Siul LXXXV

    WWE Drama

    -Ric Flair often makes it really hard for a fan to continue being a fan. I'm barely hanging on now -That bag is gone gone and probably already sold sold
  4. RE Lex Luger and Macho man can you point me towards a reference picture of each nd I will have a look there is a good chance for Luger as I am not entirely happy with my current version. I hate the in game Macho Man so if I did make him it would be a complete rework.. Got another one finished this weekend. just going to do his alternate WWF attire. and then I think it is time for some cruiserweights. prior to anything else
  5. Hey man while you’re on fire with these great WCW CAWs, I do have one suggestion if you feel like it or are interested. It’s Lex Luger with his updated Total Package attire when he was with Mrs. Elizabeth. I haven’t seen a good one of those around.
  6. Yesterday
  7. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Not surprised. I'd actually be surprised if any wrestler from Flair or even Triple H's era weren't pro-Trump or right. Nash was a pleasant surprise, but probably the only one.
  8. Sadly, This is probably the last time I'm posting something in this thread . This community used to be so much more active in months past, but unfortunately, it's been on the decline for a long ass while. So while you won't be able to see my uploaded projects here, I'll keep posting them over on Insta & Twitter under @MisterFiendX Here is the new reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone. He's now uploaded to CC.
  9. Lacks atmosphere, lacks scares, lacks tension, essentially lacks everything that made the original so great. Story is all over the place, writing isn't too hot, directing ain't all that special. Tries with its commentary on mob mentality and how fear creates monsters of us all but its not enough. If you want a generic slasher with little thrills then this'll suffice but to anyone wanting some of that magic of the original, this ain't it. Not TERRIBLE, just really disappointing.
  10. Paperchase


    I need some really good ECW CAWS with good movesets. Mainly Shane Douglas, Lance Storm, Sandman, Raven, Mike Awesome, Chris Candido, Simon Diamond
  11. Also, DJ Hyde was hanging around the lobby for some reason in a suit and Brett from GCW was there too and hes *censored*ing short man.
  12. Credit:pwinsider - Impact related..
  13. I just realized Shinsuke just gave up the crown and wasn't in the tournament itself to try and win it back. I think he should've defended it at the finals against the win. It's such bullshit, he looked naked without it on SD lmao
  14. WALTER does not want to move to the US I believe lol
  15. this King/Queen of the Ring tournament has been asscheeks. i wish they would take in-ring action seriously at least when it makes sense to take it seriously. i miss the summer tournaments we used to get a few years back. like if WWE decided to dedicate a month of programming to having bangers while they have other unrelated story segments in between, i think it would make a lot of people happy and it wouldn’t take any extra effort. i think they underestimate how much people enjoy watching good wrestling matches.
  16. What ever happened to WalteR? wasnt he suppost tto leave nxt uk to go to nxt ?
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