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  1. Today
  2. Wish they would’ve gave Indi at least her own springboard Elbow Drop.
  3. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    I'm seeing rapports that Tammy Sytch was found bat sh*t drunk outside a bar the day before she was arrested in court... She'll never learn..
  4. i’m giving her the springboard elbow & silence for her finishers and the spine buster & hammerlock ddt for her sigs
  5. Spinebuster 19 & Springboard elbow drop
  6. With Zoe Reynolds complete, this more or less finishes the base roster for me; might work on some of the lockdown extras:
  7. I’ll work on it, tonight man. I haven’t dived into her moveset yet. But seeing that it’s really terrible, I’ll definitely get to it. I’ve finished Cactus Jack’s and Vader’s last night. Uploaded Jack’s but with Vader he doesn’t appear on the superstar page when uploading. Neither does Randy Orton and a few others. It’s weird.
  8. Leftover bugs from the old code that no one on their team was savvy enough to catch. It's an issue to those who download a *censored*ton of CAWS for sure.
  9. Also the show in Philly on Sunday was a ton of fun. Suzuki and Deppen was pretty dope. Also also the big 4 are very good but jesus christ Ren is just the reincarnation of Shibata but somehow more angry and it really does rule. Dude is super believeable as a legit threat in the ring.
  10. I feel like Ibushi is revealing stuff that is kinda well known.
  11. Whats the point of qualifying matches if you can just be a joker instead.
  12. Speaking of moves..will we ever get the axe guilitine driver that was mo caped?
  13. STING!!!! The ending transitioning to American Dad was funny af lmao
  14. That looked like shit. Gotta have a post-match beatdown.
  15. It was awkward at times but What-ing it or doing whatever they were doing ain’t cool with me. Fans like that suck.
  16. Nah Serena's promo was kinda dogshit lmao
  17. I...honestly forgot all about Cole vs. Jeff lmao
  18. Oh wait, she winning them over. I love Itoh but I think Johnny Elite would've been the better surprise to close the show.
  19. Nvm I just realized the 2 rings would've leaked when DoN tickets went on sale lol
  20. Phew. They almost got me there. lol
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