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  2. I really don't support cosmetic surgery...but it's undeniable that Ruby is like 75% hotter with the work she had done.
  3. When it comes to Mic Skills, Character Development Skills, Wrestling Skills and overall knowing how to be a great WWE Superstar? L.A. Knight on Smackdown and Shinsuke Nakamura on Raw are feeding me so good right now! All I know is that I am hungry for more. THEY understand the assignments every single week.
  4. Good ending to SD. LA getting that shine.
  6. Bayley: "That's what she said, right?" Iyo: "No, she didn't say that." Lmao
  7. I genuinely used to enjoy Charlotte...but not in a long while. She got way too comfortable just coasting on name value. I mean...there was a time when she actually did try. Somewhere amid all the Andrade stuff she just fully transitioned into "I'm Charlotte Flair" and stopped giving a damn.
  8. Tonight is meant for the Legends only. 8 matches, 7 are title bouts and one is Mr. McMahon vs Bishoff in a 20 Minute Tables match. The lineup card goes according to how the photos are posted.
  9. Yeah. I have not once said I was spouting facts. NXT is developmental. But it’s also a show that’s on national cable. The same channel as RAW in fact. So it’s not like we’re watching a wrestling school training its students. It’s more than that. At the same time, I don’t view it as an equal to RAW or SD. In the past, it was actually better. But since the reboot, the roster has changed. The veterans they’ve added are less talented (IMO) and the green talent either have less potential/subpar skills or are being misguided with bad creative which makes them unwatchable. But to be clear, I do judge NXT on its own merit. I know going in that it has more green talent than SD or RAW. I do factor that in. And so I think that tells you how poor I think the show is.
  10. I meant NXT as a whole, besides I feel like your views on disliking certain superstars are based on opinions and not facts. YOU may not like somebody but either way a lot of these guys have supporters.
  11. Quincy hadn’t been used for almost a year now, so it’s not like that made a difference to the actual program. The guest appearances from main roster ppl has not improved the quality of the programing for me. So I’ll guess we’ll agree to disagree.
  12. Many of the guys I listed are not green. Guys like Noam Dar, Dragon Lee, Coffey, and Tyler Bate are not spring chicken. They’ve been wrestling for several years now. They are what they are.
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  14. They released some of the most useless characters in the most recent wave of cuts. That absolute clown Quincy Elliot is gone, for one. They've also been having some more of the main roster people come over to help grease the wheels. Butch is always fun to watch. They're doing some things with him and Tyler Bate again. The Becky and Dom stuff helps too. Like I said...it's a marginal improvement, but it's still better. Even one point in the right direction means it's not at the absolute worst that it's been. I saw it at its worst. I stopped watching for months. At the very least, I can tolerate what it currently is.
  15. I don't expect NXT to be on the same level as Raw and Smackdown as far as being great performers mainly for the fact that NXT is made for the new up and comers. NXT is about helping the Superstars get better, so I think it wouldn't be fair to raise the bar so high to where they cant be considered a good enough show.
  16. Charlotte has charisma… and she’s also more talented in the ring. Like way more.
  17. It’s been the same for at least year now. Few months ago was awful, too.
  18. Yeah...but everything you just said is equally true for a few months ago (minus the good parts). So...again, I don't see how it could be the worst that it's ever been, if there are literally a handful of good things that weren't there a little while ago. My entire point is that it's marginally better now than it was a few months ago...
  19. For the reasons I just told you. lol There’s literally only two ppl (maybe three with Pillman) that I care about. Becky is stale and I don’t care about anything she does. Dom defending a belt I don’t care about against ppl I don’t care about is not worth watching for me (and he’s starting to get stale as well). The rest of the roster is dire. Practically everyone is a cartoon character doing cartoon things or doing bad scripted drama. It’s dreadful. When they rebooted the brand at least you had great talent like Gunther, LA Knight, Roddy Strong, and Ciampa hanging around doing their thing. Those caliber guys are virtually gone now. In their place are guys like Noam Dar, Corbin, Dragon Lee, Joe Coffey, Nathan Frazer, Axiom, Tyler Bate, and Carmello Hayes. Talk about massive dip in talent. This is without a doubt the worst it’s ever been and blows my mind that some think NXT has gotten better. It’s gotten sooooo much worse. So much worse.
  20. I like what Becky Lynch is doing for the Women's Division over on NXT. Tiffany Stratton's Blonde Girl gimmick is something that still has to grow on me but her wrestling moves are cool and I feel like Becky is helping the new girls gain some momentum.
  21. I mean...that's how I felt a few months ago. At least they're trying with stuff like Becky and Dom, Bron and Ilja...having actual storylines, teasing the debut of Pillman, etc. Before this, it just felt like there was no point in even watching. I don't think it's anywhere near what it was before Vince intentionally sabotaged the black and yellow and turned it into the rainbow brand...but, it's better now, relatively speaking, than it was at its absolute worst. I don't see how you could claim it's currently at its worst. I'd call it a passable 6/10 right now. At its worst, it was easily like a 3.
  22. Special ref including caws = WINNING Special ref without caws = meh..
  23. This year during an interview Bryan Williams said Create A Story, Special Referee and Create A Finisher is coming back to 2K Games, he said it's just a matter of WHEN. To be honest I was surprised at that statement because I thought that Create A Story wouldn't come back due to the difficulty of putting something like that back into the game engine itself.
  24. Every time I get a WWE 2K game and look at the NXT Roster, I'm like WHO are these people? lol. I don't want NXT to be mandatory for every wrestler doing well at the PC.
  25. Not sure why, but hearing this song made me think about my youngest brother who passed away earlier this month. Neither one of us are/were huge Pink Floyd fans, but regardless... it got me caught up in the feels.
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