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  2. Clash of the Champions Scoreboard: TrulyEvil - 51 Fight Me. - 50 Crazy - 42 Jeb ★ - 42 Oresama - 42 She-Wolf - 42 BestInTheWorld614 - 41 Classiq - 41 Ziggy Vercetti - 41 PaperThinWalls - 33 Overall Scoreboard: Fight Me. - 77 Ziggy Vercetti - 64 Jeb ★ - 62 Classiq - 60 Crazy. - 60 PaperThinWalls - 60 BestInTheWorld614 - 56 Oresama - 52 She-Wolf - 52 TrulyEvil - 51 Winners' Scoreboard: Fight Me. - 1 PaperThinWalls - 1 TrulyEvil - 1 Congrats to TrulyEvil.
  3. @Petey_the_Clown this is noted will try to upload all this weekend.
  4. Today
  5. "The Cleaner" Randy Orton.
  6. I completely forgot Fulham had four seasons outside the Premier League. I mean, I remember them beating Villa in the playoffs in 2018, to return to the Premier League, but I had forgotten that they had been in the Championship for four years at the time, and I certainly didn't remember them finishing as low as 20th.
  7. When did Fulham finish 20th in the Championship?
  8. So Dana and Mandy come to RAW to do what Nattie and Lana are already doing? And yes, I totally mean that in a stereotypical both blonde tag team way. I guess Nattie and Lana could go to SD?
  9. And to make matters worse for Fulham, Tony Khan tweeted after the game yesterday that we tried getting players in, but started giving every excuse possible, even though we should have sorted out the back line years ago. Made it seem like it was everyone's fault but his own. Then he stated that when we finished 20th in the Championship, we would've killed to be a yo-yo club It's not as if we hadn't spent 13 years in the Premier League, with 3 runs in Europe - 1 of those runs getting all the way to the final of the Europa League, and 1 winning the Intertoto Cup (might not be the most prestigious competition, but who'd ever thought that Fulham would be in Europe, let alone win a trophy in it?) Hopefully we get some Premier League quality players in before the window closes, and things start picking up.
  10. Don’t wanna be negative but I can only say “wow they got ____? dope.” so many times. Surely we are at the point where no other names can make me any more or less excited than I already am. I want to know what this game is now. I understand not rushing things, but in that case I would rather they take a break from announcing additions and just come back when there’s something to show. That’s not even exclusive to this game. In general I hate when people come to game conferences or whatever with like concept art or a bullshit announcement trailer. I’d rather just not hear from you until you have something worthwhile to show.
  11. 2020 has been a gem and a curse
  12. Dude really went on a black ops mission
  13. None of them question why a random janitor is being followed around by a camera
  14. This man had night vision goggles. I'm dying.
  15. The night vision goggles
  16. Muur

    Football Thread

    this, except for the usually positive part. bolton have killed that with three years of dog shitness and its only getting worse and worse. the last three weeks weve broke the record for "lowest ever position in bolton's history", three times in a row, and we can still break it twice more this season! and right now we're staring down the barrel of three consecutive relegations, after already being relegated four times in the last 8 years. what did we do to deserve all of this lmao. like, we were the bookies favourite for promotion but I guess you just cant have bolton wanderers winning matches. it would upset the natural balance of things. and to think, before the season started I thought we might be able to get back to back promotions and get back to the championship. Ah, to be that young and naive again. but like, we signed a really good attack, but then had no budget left so signed a bunch of non league defenders. turns out thats a *censored*ing awful idea. we literally have a front three that got promoted from league two last season but theyre being let down by literal non league defenders. what the *Censored* can you do when your goalkeeper throws the ball at the opposition striker so he gets a free goal not once but twice in the same match
  17. Roode targeting the wrong leg
  18. Oh I thought his hair was long again
  19. It's the man Drew took the NXT title from
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