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Check out our new forums, get active and potentially become a Mod!


You may have seen we've added some new sections for up and coming pro-wrestling video games that aren't under the WWE or 2K umbrella.

This is because we're hoping to get more eyes on these projects, as after all we all want more wrestling games to play, right? And now is the best time for that!

We really want to get those sections active, with tons of new threads (not just 1 singular topic) discussing, ranting, predicting, hoping, etc. all topics regarding these future video games.

Not only that, but we're hoping to see people help each other, be polite, caring and generally have a nice community. Sometimes the CAWs.ws faithful haven't been the most peaceful crew in the past, but it's time to change that. We'll definitely be looking to see who's active, and embracing the community on those new sections, and potentially become moderators in said sections. So let's get to it.

*Realistically this applies to all sections, but predominantly the new ones to get them active! Also any previous warnings will be null and void and everyone is eligible!

Enjoy! And stay safe.


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