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Move by matt hardy 619

Date added: 11th October 2009
Viewed: 2119 times
Rating: 7.8/10 (4 votes)

Strike Attacks: Enzugiri 1, Dropkick 2, Hammer Punch 1
Fists Of Fury: 4 Combo 38 Kick, 3 Combo 34 Kick, 3 Combo 43 Kick
Quick Grapple Lv1: Elbow Smash 2
Quick Grapple Lv2: Low Kick 3
Grapple Moves Lv1: Step Up Enzugiri, Crucifix Head Scissor, Reverse Atomic Drop
Grapple Moves Lv2: Arm Drag 1, Dropkick 3, Russian Leg Sweep 1
Strong Grapple Lv1: Scoop Slam 5, Jawbreaker 2
Strong Grapple Lv2: Hurracanrana 1, Gutbuster 1
Strong Grapple Lv3: Texan Destroyer, Powerbomb 1
Grapple From Behind: Atomic Drop 2, Facebuster 3, DDT 6, Forward Russian Leg Sweep

Strike Attacks: Stomping 1, Elbow Drop 3
Grapple Moves: Running Neck Twist 2, Knee Drop 1, Pin With Bridge, Low Kick 5

Running Strikes: King Kong Crash (To set up opponent for a diving move)
Grapple Moves: Turnbuckle Attack

Groggy Against Ropes: Hip Toss 1
Irish Whip Rebound: Arm Drag 3

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opponent: Diving Crossbody 1, Missile Dropkick
Diving Attack vs. Downed Opponent: 450 Splash, Corkscrew Body

Running Strikes: Spinning Wheel Kick 2, Calf Kick 2
Grapple Moves: Headscissor Takedown
Grapple From Behind: Neckbreaker 5
Ground Strikes: Elbow Drop 4

Chain Struggle:
Power Comparsion: Suplex 2
Lock Up: Back Wheel Trip
Head Lock: DDT1
Front Neck Lock: Running Bulldog
Side Arm Bar: Fame Asser 1
Hammer Lock: Backslide
Go Behind: Bulldog 1
Standing Arm Bar: Facebuster 3
Sitting Sleeper Hold: Armbreaker 2
Ground Head Lock: Elbow Drop 14
Ground Neck Lock: Old Glory
Ground Arm Lock: Face Stomp
Ground Take a Back: Elbow Drop 7
Ground Take a Leg: Knee Stomp
Running: Neckbreaker 6
Taunts: Taunt 7, jeff Hardy, Arn Anderson, Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder
Finishers: Texan Destroyer

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