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Steve Austin
Move by SpiritX


Date added: 25th July 2009
Viewed: 2529 times
Rating: 7.1/10 (7 votes)

Wii version of Vicente's moveset he made.

Standard Actions:
Ring in-Rattlesnake
Ring out-Roll out
Taunts-Bang Bang,Man Beast

Strike Attacks-Uppercut,Stomach Kick 3
Strike Combos-Forearm splash 1,jab,quick punch,elbow smash,clothesline 1
Quick Grapple-Knee strike 2,shoulder thrusts,headlock punch,scoop slam,double chop
Strong Grapple-DDT/Suplex,Piledriver/Powerbomb,backbreaker,powerslam,back suplex
Pin grapple-School boy

Strike Attacks-Undertaker Stomp(closest stomp to his on wii)
Quick Grapple-Stomach Stomp,leg stomp,knee smash,face stomp,choke 2.
Strong grapple-Boston Crab,elbow drop 3,ground & pound,camel clutch,dragon sleeper.

Running Strike Attacks-Clothesline 7
Grapple- Chop 3,snake eyes,superplex

Groggy against-knee drop 1
Springboard-Sprngboard back elbow(didnt know bout this 1)
Outside springboard-Suicide dive(didnt know about this 1 either)

Diving vs standing opp.-double axe handle 2
Diving vs Downed opp.-Diving elbow drop 1

Running strikes-Clothesline 6
Grapple-Running DDT,Neckbreaker 1
Ground Strike-Falling axe handle
Irish Whip Rebound-Clothesline 6,tilt-a-whirl backbreaker,powerslam pin(once again not sure about this 1)

Tag Team:
Standing Tag Team-double Suplex
Corner- Spike Piledriver

Signatures-Rattlesnake Elbow Drop,(the second 1 was hard to pick-Russian Legsweep 2)

Interactive victory scene:
Winning Taunts-Rattlesnake 1
Corner Taunts-Rattlesnake 3
Winning Grapple-Verbal Abuse

I tried my best since i cant find presets for wii lol and since THQ screwed wii out of alot of moves and stuff.
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