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Rob Van Dam
Move by Thomas Pain

Date added: 14th May 2009
Viewed: 5553 times
Rating: 8.0/10 (14 votes)

Strikes: Toe Kick 4, Calf Kick 1, Spinning back kick 1
Fists of Fury: Use whatever
Quick grapple Lv1: Spinning Back kick 4
Quick grapple Lv2: Kick to gut 2
Grapple moves Lv1: Step up Enzuiguri, Side kick, Leg drop to arm
Grapple moves lv2: Russian leg sweep, Reverse atomic drop 2, Posistion change
Strong grapple Lv1: Superkick, Arm wrench 1
Strong grapple Lv2: Spinning roundhouse kick, Shuffle side kick
Strong grapple Lv3: Trouble in Paradise, Russian leg sweep 3
From behind: School boy roll up, Russian leg sweep 2, Aromix drop 2, Bulldog 1

Strikes: Elbow drop 1, Double axe handle drop
Grapple: Slingshot leg drop, Knee drop 1, Pin with bridge, Standing Moonsault

Strikes: Body splash 1
Grapple: Monkey flip

Groggy: Big boot 5
Rebound: Hip toss 1

Standing: Diving Cross body, Missile Dropkick
Down: 450 splash (used it in AJPW), Diving Body Splash

Strikes: Calf kick 2, Spinning wheel kick 1
Grapple: Sunset flip
Behind: One handed bulldog
Ground: Elbow drop 4

Chain struggle
Power comparison: Spinning roundhouse kick
Lock up: Leg drop to arm
Head lock: Side kick
Front neck lock: Trouble in paradise
Side arm bar: Shuffle side kick
Hammer lock: Atomic drop 2
Go behind: Backslide
Standing arm bar: Chop block 1
Sitting sleeper hold: Tope atomico
Ground head lock: Cartwheel elbow drop
Ground neck lock: Elbow drop 5
Ground arm lock: Stomping 3
Ground take a break: Leg split 2
Ground take a leg: Leg breaker
Running: Neckbreaker 7

Taunts: Taunt 1, Taunt 16 (closest thing to his thumb taunt), Batista (same as last one), Cody Rhodes, Greg Valentine
Finisher: Frog Splash
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