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Mick Foley
Move by Thomas Pain

Date added: 19th April 2009
Viewed: 6429 times
Rating: 8.4/10 (14 votes)


Strike attacks: Punch to head 3, Uppercut, Bionic Punch
Fists of Fury: Use whatever
Quick Grapple L1: Armbar 2
Quick grapple L2: Kneestrike 2
Grapple moves L1: DDT 1, Small package, Scoop slam 1
Grapple moves L2: Backbreaker 1, Arm drag 1, Position change
Strong grapple L1: Airplane spin, Russian Leg sweep 1
Strong grapple L2: Back chop 8, Reverse Atomic drop 1
Strong grapple L3: Armbar 8, Uppercut throat thrust
From behind: Back headbutt, Atomic drop 2, Sleeper hold, School boy roll up


Strike attacks: Angry Stomp, Knee drop 4
Grapple: Arm lock, Elbow drop 6, Stomping 3, Camel Clutch


Strikes: Clothesline 3
Grapple: Knee strike 3


Groggy: Hiptoss 1
Rebound: Lou Thesz press


Standing: Diving Clothesline, Diving Axe handle
Downed: Diving elbow drop 3, Diving fist drop 2


Strikes: Clothesline 2, Toe Kick 2
Grapple: Facecrusher 4
From behind: One handed bulldog
Ground: Elbow drop 4

Chain Struggle

Power Comparison: Arm drag 1
Lock up: Scoop slam 1
Head lock: Headlock and punch 1
Front neck lock: Suplex 2
Side arm bar: Arm wrench 1
Hammerlock: Back Rake 1
Go behind: Atomic drop 2
Standing arm bar: Super Atomic Drop 1
Sitting sleeper hold: Armbar 3
Ground head lock: Armbreaker 1
Ground Neck Lock: Knee drop 1
Ground Arm lock: Big Stomp
Take a break: Elbow drop 7
Take a leg: Boston Crab 2
Running: Neckbreaker and Punch

Taunts: Taunt 15, Taunt 8, Taunt 1, JBL
Finishers: DDT 2
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