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Kurt Angle
Move by Thomas Pain

Date added: 3rd May 2009
Viewed: 4461 times
Rating: 5.3/10 (11 votes)


Strike attacks: Back chop 1, Throat Thrust 1, Knee strike 1
Fists of fury: Use whatever
Quick grapple Lv1: Arm wrench 2
Quick grapple Lv2: Low kick 3
Grapple movies Lv1: Belly to Belly 1, Belly to Belly 2, Belly to belly suplex
Grapple moves Lv2: Suplex 2, T-Bone Suplex, Posistion change
Strong Grapple Lv1: Suplex 1, Arm drag 2
Strong grapple Lv2: Amateur Wrestling lift, Suplex 5
Strong grapple Lv3: Arm wrench 1, Suplex 6
From behind: Tazzplex, Belly to Belly suplex, Back headbutt, Full Nelson


Strikes: Angry Stomp, Knee drop 4
Grapple: Key Lock, Arm lock, Belly stomp, Toe Hold 1 (close to an ankle lock)


Strikes: Body Splash 1
Grapple: Superplex


Groggy: Back Body chop
Rebound: Arm drag 3


Standing: Diving Clothesline, Diving Cross body 1
Downed: Shooting Star press, Biglowsault


Strikes: Clothesline 2, Elbow attack
Grapple: School boy
Behind: One handed bulldog
Ground: Elbow drop 4

Chain struggle:

Power comparison: Belly to belly 1
Lock up: Suplex 1
Head lock: Arm drag 1
Front neck lock: Amateur wrestling lift
Side arm bar: Belly to belly 2
Hammer lock: Backslide
Go behind: Back suplex 3
Standing armbar: Sleeper hold
Sitting sleeper hold: Key lock
Ground head lock: Arm bar 3
Ground neck lock: Arm lock
Ground arm lock: Elbow drop 5
Ground take a break: Toe hold 2
Ground take a leg: leg Stretch 1
Running: Bulldog 5


Taunts: Brian Kendrick, Taunt 17, Santino Marella, Hardcore Holly
Finishers: I cant find anything relating to the ankle lock or angle slam so choose any kind of Suplex. I chose the Perfect-plex
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