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Bad News Brown
Move by Sean Walkington

Date added: 22nd January 2011
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Strike attacks: Punch to Head 3, Enzuigiri 1, Enzuigiri 1
Fists of Fury: 4 Combo 18 Punch, 3 Combo 34 Kick, 3 Combo 34 Kick
Quick Grapple L1: Wrist Clutch & Elbow
Quick Grapple L2: Elbow Smash 2
Grapple moves L1: Headbutt 1, Scoop Slam 5, Position change
Grapple moves L2: Suplex 5, Spike Piledriver, Position Change
Strong Grapple L1: Forearm Punch, Oklahoma Slam
Strong grapple L2: Reverse Atomic Drop 2, Powerslam 2
Strong grapple L3: Overhand Punch, Step Up Enzuigiri
Grapple from behind: Atomic Drop 4, Back Suplex 3, Headbutt to Back, Electric Chair


Strikes: Stomping 1, Knee Drop 4
Grapple: Knee Drop 2, Elbow drop 5, Knee Stomp, Low Kick 5


Strikes: Clothesline 3
Grapple: Clothesline 10


Groggy: Powerslam 4
Rebound: Powerslam 4


Standing: Diving Handle, Diving Clothesline
Downed: Diving Elbow Drop 2, Diving Elbow Drop 2


Strikes: Clothesline 9, Slaughter Cannon
Grapple: Neckbreaker 7
Behind: One Hand Bulldog
Ground: Elbow drop 4

Chain struggle:

Power Comparison: Step Up Enzuigiri
Lock up: Scoop Slam 5
Headlock: Headbutt 1
Front Necklock: Oklahoma Slam
Side arm bar: Spike Piledriver
Hammer lock: Atomic Drop 4
Go Behind: Back Suplex 3
Standing armbar: Electric Chair
Sitting sleeper hold: Mounted Punch
Ground headlock: Elbow Drop 6
Ground necklock: Stomping 3
Ground arm lock: 3-Point Stance Clothesline
Ground take a break: Knee Stomp
Ground take a leg: Low Kick 5
Running: Neckbreaker 7


Taunts: Curt Hawkins, Big Bossman, Finlay, JBL, King Kong Bundy 2
Finishers: Heartpunch
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