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Zack Ryder

Date added: 1st June 2012
Head/Hair:(3)Color: Brightness:4 ColorX:2 ColorY:9
Head/Facial Hair:(2)Color: Brightness:8 ColorX:1 ColorY:8
RingGear/Hats:(22)Color 1&2: Brightness:0 ColorX:22 ColorY:1
RingGear/Glasses:(2)Color1: Brightness:3 ColorX:2 ColorY:1
Color2: Brightness:0 ColorX:1 ColorY:10
RingGear/Tops:(32-B)Color1: Brightness:0 ColorX:1 ColorY:10
Color2: Brightness:7 ColorX:7 ColorY:6
RingGear/Tights:(4)Color1: Brightness:3 ColorX:1 ColorY:10
Color2: Brightness:0 ColorX:1 ColorY:10
RingGear/KneePads:(11) Left & Right Knee Pads
Color1&2: Brightness:0 ColorX:1 ColorY:10
RingGear/Boots:(10) Color1: Brightness:0 ColorX:1 ColorY:10
Color2: Brightness:6 ColorX:2 ColorY:3
Superstar Height: 6'2

Entrance: Stone Cold Steve Austin Or High Roller

Move Set: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Finisher: Jumping Leg Drop (Rough Rider)
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